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Description : So many of you just dont get it
You just dont care

You Holy Rollers THINK you know
And you talk all this jesus stuff
How the man was nailed to a cross beam
Hung him by the neck

This is the whole control thing that they have

Some people know but they're not talking
It aint f!c#&n mainstream

Suprised? No one's even mention this:
Google's ALREADY self-aware

Sonny Irvin's been trying to tell us
Go talk to Cleverbot if you think it's a f!c#&n joke
Instead of fighting with each other because we don't agree with each other's opinions y'know, we should all just....try n....*exhale COUGH cough cough* try n *COUGH cough COUGGHHH cough cough* ya know *cough coughGAG* conshhEGGH con shih...KEHUH...*cough cough* con...con...con...*GAG* con (11x)...*GAG GAG GAG*

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  1. LankFrampard
    LankFrampard on Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 8 months ago

    that vocal effect is dope

    this is some creative work here, flow is good

    you have created a real vibe on this, I could see this song in a movie

    sampling is on point and the overall song is well structured


    Reply by Anonydeth

    much Love and Respect a movie....hmmmm

  2. LPRecords
    LPRecords on Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 8 months ago

    as in... please just stop making music ... forever. very very bad bro

    Reply by Anonydeth

    why? cuz one hoser is BUTTHURT by the TRUTH? BLOW IT OUT OF YOUR POMPOUS FILTHY @$$H*L&. NO END. NO FALSE METAL. keep lookin up.

  3. LPRecords
    LPRecords on Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 8 months ago

    just because religious ppl can tend to be brainwashed doesnt mean evryones ignorant and unaware.
    pretty annoying and horribly made song man. find something more productive to do than knock ppl with faith. at least christians make better music than you lmaoooo

    Reply by Anonydeth

    Re: "just because religious ppl can tend to be brainwashed doesnt mean evryones ignorant and unaware." i never said that crap. i was simply stating FACTS. do the RESEARCH. the FACT is that a rather disturbing Number of my fellow Christians have SCALES on their damn eyes.

    Re: "pretty annoying and horribly made song man." your personal Narcissistic and Pompous Preferences are Irrelevant and far from "Constructive Criticism"....a suprisingly frequent and alarming Characteristical trait of many "Christians" i come across....alas.

    Re: "find something more productive to do than knock ppl with faith." you misunderstood the Lyrics completely. narrow is the Path etc....

    Re: "at least christians make better music than you lmaoooo" ROTFL i think NOT. i dont know who or WHAT you think you are dealing with, but betchya i know who and what you are NOT DEALING WITH (re: all that shyte you spewed up there). as a newly re-awakened Christian i find your Comments both ignorant and mildly insulting. so many of you just dont get it; but i say to you THIS....when HE ROLLS BACK THAT FIRMAMENT, get it you SHALL. together with your Brother or your gonna DIE.

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