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Description : Uk Garage track. I thought I didnt like much UK Garage until I became hooked on 'People Just Do Nothing' here in the UK on one of the BBC channels. Saw a track list and realised I had or liked most of the tracks, so here is my tribute to UK Garage.

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  1. HeathAlexander
    HeathAlexander on Fri 10th May 2019 - 8 months ago

    Very cool. The instruments work really well with each other. I like the driving rhythm with the mellower melodies.

  2. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Thu 11th Apr 2019 - 9 months ago

    Very nice track Paul I like it.
    Well done.

    Reply by smallpaul

    Hi mate thanks for stopping by will be sure to do the same in due course.

  3. Alien
    Alien on Tue 9th Apr 2019 - 9 months ago

    I totally love those vocals, so bad ass!

    Reply by smallpaul

    Hi thanks for stopping by, the vocals were from a free sample pack from somewhere, only a line or two, then put in Ableton Lives sampler.

  4. fibonacci1185
    fibonacci1185 on Mon 25th Mar 2019 - 10 months ago

    cool track.

    Reply by smallpaul


  5. Diskonnect
    Diskonnect on Wed 3rd Oct 2018 - 1 year ago

    Really cool track, vocals are awesome. Piano sound is simple but works well and that bass is silky smooth, the sax just ties it all together. I think UK music is the best and most diverse there is (I might be biased seeing as I'm from the UK lol) but very nice tribute, the track stands on its own, thanks!

    Reply by smallpaul

    Hi mate thanks for stopping by, will be sure to do the same. Defo agree with you on the UK music being the best and most diverse. Probably one of the few things we do really well! Thanks again!

  6. Format
    Format on Sat 7th Jul 2018 - 1 year ago

    Cool work, nice swing.

  7. Arloph09
    Arloph09 on Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 1 year ago

    very good track..just give some high freq..juts tad bit..

    DRJBEATS on Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 1 year ago

    very garage, love how its got some really musical elements still ,solid track, espeically loving the sax!

  9. Nous2
    Nous2 on Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 1 year ago

    j'aime bien le garage

  10. Nodog
    Nodog on Sat 24th Feb 2018 - 1 year ago

    Unusual for loooperman kinda jazzy edge i love the piano n sax very very cool nice work.

  11. neuromancer56
    neuromancer56 on Sat 24th Feb 2018 - 1 year ago

    I've never heard Garage before, but I like this. Smooth, soulful, and funky. Quality production all the way through.

  12. Seberisen
    Seberisen on Fri 23rd Feb 2018 - 1 year ago

    Lovely up tempo track.

  13. kingmadi
    kingmadi on Thu 22nd Feb 2018 - 1 year ago

    Wow this track is hella groovy, can definitely see this playing in clubs. Love the house aspect to it too.

  14. CitizenMofo
    CitizenMofo on Sun 18th Feb 2018 - 1 year ago

    That's my big fat like heart. I guess I like UK Garage too cuz I like this a lot. It's pretty fantastic, head-bopper from first note to last, and that's all I can ask for on a Sunday morning.

  15. theHumps
    theHumps on Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 2 years ago

    Damn, posted the comment, scrolled up and no dl. Oh well, thanks for posting, great track, fav!

  16. theHumps
    theHumps on Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 2 years ago

    I have no idea what makes garage, garage. Doesn't really matter. This is good no matter how you slice it. Clean mix, upbeat, great listen. Horns are sweet, vocals sit nicely in the mix. Piano is simple but contributes it's share of impact on the song. The guitar, wha/phase stabs work too, nicely played and mixed.

    Worthy of a dl! Thanks for sharing!


    Reply by smallpaul

    Hi mate thanks for review and sorry for late reply. Yes unfortunately I stopped downloads because the tracks were forever being downloaded by 'unknown' or 'deleted' users without a review. If you really want the track email me and I could send mp3. Regards paul.

  17. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Tue 31st Oct 2017 - 2 years ago

    Amazing track bro! I love how you jazzed things up. Excellent production, it flows like you would expect a party song to go. You also got some really great people singing for you. Lucky you, man. It sounds like a hit! Cheers, keep up the awesome and work. Joe

    Reply by smallpaul

    Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by and reviewing, I have just realized I should probably have put the track under EDM of some kind as Garage and UK Garage are worlds apart!!! The vocals are from a free download of Uk Garage samples with one choppped and put through Ableton sampler. Sax is sample and wha keys and bass is from Omnisphere. Beat was made in Ableton.

  18. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Sun 29th Oct 2017 - 2 years ago


    really good track with solid instrumentation and great vocals. Nice riffs of saxo too which bring a jazzy touch.


    Reply by smallpaul

    Hi mate thanks for review, will be sure to do the same.

  19. Indieground
    Indieground on Fri 27th Oct 2017 - 2 years ago

    i used to listen to uk garage back in the late 90's
    your track is a cool one and a cool tribute to the genre
    Cheers !

    Reply by smallpaul

    Hi mate thanks for stopping by, yes mate late 90s onwards I think, still a good listen though.

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