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Tags : | Orchestral | 2.75 MB

Description : My first "orchestral" track ever.
I never studied music literacy, solfeggio, neither went to a music school so creating such themes is not easy for me and a bit randomly with lots of errors as I put midi-notes....relying only on my ears trying to find the right mood =)

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  1. TysonAndrew
    TysonAndrew on Fri 9th Dec 2011 - 9 years ago

    Well done! I love the way you executed this.

  2. conohamaru
    conohamaru on Tue 12th Jul 2011 - 10 years ago

    As much as I like orchestra. This made my day, smooth, ominous, excellent!

  3. clinthammerMUSIC
    clinthammerMUSIC on Sun 5th Dec 2010 - 10 years ago

    Very entrancing cinematic piece. Good work man! You def show your versatility. I have been waiting for some new stuff, do you have anything in the pipe right now?

  4. bobbybooth
    bobbybooth on Sat 21st Aug 2010 - 11 years ago

    nice cinematic kinda vibe. those strings are really warm in places. real skills

  5. digitalenigma0
    digitalenigma0 on Mon 5th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Im digging it, I kept expecting a beat to kick in but it never did, maybe some slow riding percusion could drag it out or somthing? It was a short piece of music but cool!

  6. spek87
    spek87 on Wed 23rd Jun 2010 - 11 years ago

    cool man,i like the way this track sounds

  7. Nosleeves
    Nosleeves on Mon 21st Jun 2010 - 11 years ago

    i love the mood im gonna try feed off ur energy and make somthing like this soon

  8. theHumps
    theHumps on Mon 7th Jun 2010 - 11 years ago

    Excellent for not knowing music. Loved the dark, mysterious, haunting feel of this. Great ears man!!


  9. Conjah
    Conjah on Tue 1st Jun 2010 - 11 years ago

    Damn, Ive just realized this isnt a sample. Im instantly shattered. I could have gone to town on this :( Keep up the good work, if you look at my tracks ive used some of your samples :)

  10. iimm
    iimm on Sun 30th May 2010 - 11 years ago

    You are music man! Maybe we can work together in the future!

  11. DanielGtrman
    DanielGtrman on Sat 29th May 2010 - 11 years ago

    I have discovered the most amazingly creative people never went to any specialised college/school/university, they just got on and did what they do without restrictions or restraint. I put you amongst those kind of people as your creative composition here is, to my ears, as good as if not better than some compositions I have heard on films and TV. I can "see" the transformation as I listen, and could also have gone in cinematic. you got it man !! and this is the place to get your talents more noticed.

  12. Intereo
    Intereo on Fri 12th Feb 2010 - 11 years ago

    Great job! It should sound awesome with some Drum n bass beat on it, some liquid drum n bass type of thing :D

  13. JoneIsArt
    JoneIsArt on Wed 27th Jan 2010 - 11 years ago

    For someone with minimal knowledge amongst music theory you managed to pull off a pretty nice track! I'm in love with orchestral work myself, more so cinematic type pieces that incorporate that and sound like something that should be in a movie..and I totally understand the difficulty of going by ear and feel bud..ur not alone lol,i'll be looking forward to seeing ur should check out my attempt with my tracks "lionheart" and "Dances with wolves"

  14. kfm
    kfm on Tue 26th Jan 2010 - 11 years ago

    Excellent piece you have here.. very moody and dark but with constant little changes keeps it flowing. Very nice...and very professionally done...are you sure you've not had music 10/10 mate :)

  15. Centrist
    Centrist on Mon 4th Jan 2010 - 11 years ago

    So, I've been listening to a few of your tracks, and I've found that we have a similar taste in music for the most part.

    I enjoyed this piece quite a bit, my only suggestion is to add in some echoing drums with a slap of reverb on 'em. Mhm.

    Other than that, well done mate.

  16. JoeyBonezSD1
    JoeyBonezSD1 on Sun 6th Dec 2009 - 11 years ago

    well you got some pretty good ears ma man!!im like you too!never been to school for music or anything eather!!!bro!you got talent i can tell you that!!!


  17. FloridaboyFlava
    FloridaboyFlava on Tue 17th Nov 2009 - 11 years ago

    nice job i would like 2 sample some of the instruments but good job u make us look good 4 those who dont have a degree in music lol

  18. RWP
    RWP on Tue 17th Nov 2009 - 11 years ago

    You apparently have great talent with orchestral arrangement. Those midi arrangements can easily eat up days, weeks, or even months . You have created a good dynamic and dramatic piece here. Not my taste but that doesnt matter. Not everyone is going to love your music but a good ear can appreciate it. Post more tracks.

  19. lofthouse
    lofthouse on Sat 7th Nov 2009 - 11 years ago

    Do more orchestral!You do it so's beautiful!
    Yeah,I know i reviewed this before,but i needed to come back for more!!

    Dj_DARKSTEPZ on Wed 16th Sep 2009 - 12 years ago

    hey that does sound pretty good man especially if it was all done using software!!
    what made u write that?
    sounds really emotional!!
    hey i wonder what it would sound like with a "skull step" break underneath !!!

    overall sounds sweet to the ears..

  21. XxDeMONxX
    XxDeMONxX on Sat 5th Sep 2009 - 12 years ago

    okay i sent you messages but i dont know if you got them or not
    so ill say it on here too lol.i wanted to thank you for all your loops and i have made a song with all of them,its too big to put on this site but i managed to upload it onto youtube
    i hope you like it


  22. BrownJenkins
    BrownJenkins on Tue 25th Aug 2009 - 12 years ago

    Very good track!That's what is good in not studying music:you gotta rely on your ears and feeling.Your track has a great,haunting atmosphere.

  23. victormusic01x
    victormusic01x on Fri 19th Jun 2009 - 12 years ago

    beautiful, beautiful piece, haunting with a sense of something momentous coming...studying music formally is both a blessing and a curse...just go with your heart, like u did here!
    another fave for me..! the nyC..listening to cool music in the nyC..


  24. alividlife
    alividlife on Thu 18th Jun 2009 - 12 years ago

    why would you want to study anyway?

    you just gotta make music you like.

    that's the worst part.
    about music.


    Just Don't Eat ME!!!

  25. Amberizzle
    Amberizzle on Tue 16th Jun 2009 - 12 years ago

    Really great! The only criticism that I have is that it was a little too midi-ish for me, like the high notes were so piercing that it took me out of it a little. I'd like it better if you could have improved upon that somehow. Otherwise, great job!

  26. ReignStorms
    ReignStorms on Sun 7th Jun 2009 - 12 years ago

    Your song had a very progressive spooky vibe. It reminds me of wondering down a dark hall. At any moment something scary will jump out at you. Good job.

  27. Teksketch
    Teksketch on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 - 12 years ago

    Hey man... I just wanted to say first off. Thank you for your listens, they are for more generous than some realize. I LOVE this piece you have constructed beautiful. Keep it up.


  28. lofthouse
    lofthouse on Tue 24th Feb 2009 - 12 years ago


  29. bosonHavoc
    bosonHavoc on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 - 12 years ago

    great work..
    this is a wonderful example of artistic creation not needing to know the math
    follow the heart and the ears will never lie.

    if you do decide to explore music theory remember one thingg
    theory is just a guidline, a tool to be used to help communicate ideas and to help relize vissions.... but they are just tools... their is no rules to music creation none what so everr
    its all for you to decide... you have an artistic liscense and you have used it very very well.... again great work

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The song itself is still very rough. I used an orchestral soundfont (big thanks to @GregVincey for pointing me in that direction) for the intro to give it an epic feel. For the most part, it’s going to be cinematic, telling a story. I imagine it dropping into experimental future bass; something different. I’ll also be looking forward to having a singer with a strong voice to really nail the intensity and emotion, but I’d rather finish the track first before going down that route.

I’m looking forward to some constructive criticism.

*Please note: This is only a preview of the song, because it’s really not done yet. I’ve had many variations of how this song should be like, but none I was particularly proud of. There’s more info in the description about the meaning behind the track and info on the track itself*

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I just tried to adapt music once again, for the harmonious voice of Michael Webb ....

Thanks for your listening ....

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- Strings 2
- Amp Cello Quartet
- Choir
- Dulcimer
- Granular piano
- Chiffons piano
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Thank you for being more than 100 on my YouTube channel! I really appreciate it and it helps me to compose more! :D

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Description : First one I posted on here not too long ago when I tried this out. Would love to dabble more with this type for sure as I love the orchestral/cinematic tracks I find on here! Great loops I found by MINOR2GO that I threw together. I just added the bass drum and slight fx here and there. I would consider this cinematic as well. Thanks!

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Description : Violin Bow Factory is a remix of Rainbow Factory by WoodenToaster wich is a NightCore track. The story behind Rainbow factory is pretty dark so I invite you the check the original version

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