Description : Black and blue confession of a placebo recording session. Paranoia and repression - relief, exhilaration... it's all in there. Long uphill ride.

This is my first serious recording of the Music Man CA34 bass we got (Bowie)... and I used my modular synth patched as an envelope filter for the bass in parts. Also it has remnants of a live looping session with my 2xKawa circuit bent drum box and a Digitech Jamman Stereo Pedal. Even did some recording with my Baldwin Fanfare organ after installing individual line outs for all the channels. And yes I sang on it.

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  1. xXSecretScienceXx
    xXSecretScienceXx on Thu 8th Feb 2018 - 6 years ago

    i really enjoy how broken it sounds,it puts me in that certain place in my head, like a kind of numbness like having three beers and a whiskey, then walking around. right in the face by own own race, hit the nail one the head.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I assume that you have changed your name since I received this comment... admittedly it's been a while! I do usually drink when laying down my vocal parts, so maybe that numbness shows through. Broken is right my friend... I was broken.

  2. RogueAi
    RogueAi on Mon 17th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    Very hard to listen to, and I expect that from you.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    As do I, as do I, my friend. A great amount of my favorite music seems pretty hard to listen to (especially for other people)... The The (Matt Johnson), Shriekback, Bob Dylan, The Cure, Ohgr - stuff like that... It's stuff which a lot of people find noisy, annoying, or depressing. Those are part of what I like about it. Just trying to do my thing. Thanks for listening and leaving a comment!

  3. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Tue 11th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    Hey Pat I worded that backwards oops!! Genius is often mistaken for insanity. Nice to hear such original music.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Respect for your observational intelligence, it is not a common thing these days. I did notice it, but really it works both ways in my case, ha ha! I will respond further and find your new works as soon as possible. Have a good day!

  4. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Mon 10th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    Sweet bass Spiv! What can I say, Spivkurl's unique style, always a pleasure Pat :D You know, insanity is often mistaken for Genius! ;)

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I think the "insanity/genius" fluke works both ways. In recent reading of my medical records, my psychiatrist described me as having average intelligence... at first, I was a bit offended. After some thought, I found hope in that he may be correct. After all, I've done some really stupid shit in my life, and I hope that there are many many people who are more intelligent than me... it may mean that there is real hope for the world. Then there are all of those head injuries... I can't really expect to be a genius will a mushy brain! I can however take comfort in the strength of my insanity. Fear seems to be the driving force behind many people's actions, and I seem to scare them without any intent or effort on my part... so this theoretically gives me power, right? Thanks for taking a listen to this one!

  5. surya94
    surya94 on Mon 10th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    as everyone is saying since the very first comment on this track, this sounds unique, different and amazing.

    Great track

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for taking a listen and leaving a comment! I've been attempting to try new things with each song I do these days. There is far too much stagnation in the world right now. Each of us who stands up and acts too get the winds of change blowing will have an effect... cumulatively, there will be a shit storm for those who wish to keep this stagnation in place. Dark times call for even darker measures. The politicians are too busy collecting cash and making the people forget the horrible things they have done, so our biggest hope is to replace those forgotten memories with "our" version of the truth instead of "theirs." I appreciate your continued support!!

  6. Metabolic
    Metabolic on Sat 8th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    Oh gosh what have I gotten myself in for here.

    You're mad, you know this? I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

    Again I can't make sense of this...

    That vibrato on the vocals was pretty sweet :D

    It's like you're from an alternate dimension, where 80's German techno/industrial really took off.

    I don't know whether to say well done or what the fuck... I'm going to opt for both :)

    As always Spiv you've mashed my head, kudos.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Ha ha, yep I know that I am mad. It is well documented. Since requesting my medical records, I even find that I have a documented mental illness which I was unaware of... why they felt that I shouldn't be told is beyond me! I understand why you can not make sense of it, but I assure you it makes perfect sense to me. heh. Techno and industrial were definitely big influences in beginning my travels into electronic music, although the German stuff is only becoming a big influence. "Well done" and "What the Fuck" are both things which I would gladly accept, and things which I hear pretty often together. Unintentional head mashing is probably okay too... "It's hard to keep your feet dry when kicking in a skull." Thanks for listening!

  7. juniq
    juniq on Mon 3rd Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    unique.. very unique. idk what kind of music it is but it's unique.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yeah, I've changed the genre listing three times now, since it evades me as well. I can mention some things it reminds me of, such as Tom Waits and Primus - and things which were probably influences, such as Ohgr and New Order - However that is only a little bit of the story, as you probably know. If we as artists are not "unique," then we are more akin to manufactured products than we are to a tree or a quartz crystal. I would rather be a natural growth than a postage stamp. Thank you for listening and leaving your comment!

  8. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Sat 1st Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    i like the kazoo sound. really I am always amazed at the unique sounds you come up with, Pat. You reveal yourself in your music Pat. It is musical work, and courageous work, and sounds cool as hell.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Not sure about what the kazoo sound would be, but I'll take your word for it! Sometimes I am amazed at the sounds I come up with to, but mostly after the fact. Your words make me happy. I can't seem to help but reveal myself in every situation any more, and that sounds dirty, but it's not. Thank you for listening, and always being supportive!

  9. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sat 1st Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    Hello mate,
    This piece is interesting and unique.
    Very impressive and complexed.
    I love the glitchiness in it.
    Your voice is warm and captivating.

    Well done


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Your reviews are always a pleasure to read, and I thank you for always being there to send them my way! Honestly, I intended it to be both more complex and more minimal than this, I was hoping to do it all live, yet with my limited number of limbs it was very difficult. So I went with live parts with some amount of arrangement and mixing. Working my way up to a live electronic one the next time though, so I hope it works out as planned. Thank you again!

  10. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Fri 30th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Something special and unique as always ! Your creativity
    never dries out and that alone is amazing ! Faved !:)


    Reply by Spivkurl

    I can't stop now, I've gone to far... like a teacher and a virgin, it's a trust issue. I trust that you will take my words for face value, and I will be exempt from punishment, even though I'm a collaborator. Please, be gentle, and thank you!

  11. Bindanox
    Bindanox on Fri 30th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    This song has your name written all over it.
    I really like the quirky vibes in the track,it shows total freedom,attention to detail and above all passion.
    I also like the way you describe how this song
    was put together.
    You have so many analogic instruments in your studio but yet you never seem to lose focus on what you want to achieve musically.
    Hats off to you Patrick


    Reply by Spivkurl

    It has gotten to the point where I only create and release a song if it speaks to me "underneath." There is no reason to speak if it does not have a reason, and reason is "apparently" the only thing which separates us from other forms of life. I do not personally hold this idea as true, yet it makes sense to most humans who are not paid to be who they are. This song has changed genre three times now, and it seems most acceptable in "glitch" so that is where it will stay... people accept noise and sublime life in this genre, so it is obviously mine. The lyrics are most of what matters when keeping focus on what I intend, and this is a good example. After finding the right genre, it found the right people.,,, relatedly, it is good to see you still around!!!

  12. Tripcore
    Tripcore on Fri 30th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Interesting track, it's rather odd & unique. The vocals worked really well on it

    It took me a while to get into the music itself, but after a while it's really nice

    I read the latest comment, I have to agree that it has an 80's flavour to it.. reminded me of The Human League

    There's a bit of audio clipping at the 2:02 mark

    Overall, nice job


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and download this track! Took me quite some time to get the lyrics just how I wanted so that the song could take shape before performing them. I think it must be the organ parts which give the eighties flavor, or possibly the main vocal microphone, as pretty much everything else is pretty new as far as equipment goes... although I can't escape my love of eighties music. I assure you that there is no clipping at the point you speak of, as I analyze every song I release. Your recent comment on Chase Manhattan's track also mentioned "clipping," and it made me wonder if you know what clipping is. Clicking in the audio realm, and digital clipping are two very different things. There may be clicking, because I use a circuit bent drum box which I built recently, run through a loop pedal... so there will be artifacts in the lo fi realm. I assure you that the file itself is completely devoid of digital clipping (you can verify this by loading the file into audacity, and turning on "show clipping")... if you are speaking of analog clipping, then you may be correct, as I use that obsessively, and even build clipping circuits into many of my devices. Analog clipping is a very useful technique, while digital clipping is a loss of data bits. I appreciate your listen and comment!

  13. starpyro
    starpyro on Tue 27th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Thats sounds so weird but i lile it xD

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Weird may as well be a hyphenated middle name for me... but alas it is not, so I must make up for it in my action and creation. Thought I'd take a moment off from soldering my new gadget to thank you for your comment and return the favor!

  14. joecramer
    joecramer on Tue 27th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Hello Spiv

    Just had the feeling to come back to make and listen to some music. After 2 month of mostly no musical connection at all and posted a track. Then i jumped over to the track list to see what's going on on looperman and saw this one.
    Great stuff. In a way it is art. on the other side it's cool music and very well sounding. Your vocals fit very good to your music. For sure a unique style. Lyrics are strong. Nice 80's vibe, so relaxed and at the same time wild and also hypnotic. Did i already say that i like it?

    Really good one - respect

    stay tuned

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey Joe, it is good to have you back around, if even for a moment! It was an adventure creating this one, with work on many fronts. It was a good experience to finally do some serious recordings with that new bass. It was also very cathartic to finally sing the lyrics I had been working on for a while. Overall, this seems to be my least popular song for quite some time, and that is not surprising. Thanks for stopping in to hear it and leave your words!

  15. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Tue 27th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    do you know FRONT 242? your song is totally in this way! i like it! it remembers me this forgotten years, at the beginning of the house music... FRONT 242 had created his own style: "warbeat"

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Oh yes, I definitely know of Front 242! Their work has never been my favorite sort of industrial/electronic stuff, but I've touched on them over the years... including earlier this year when I picked up a cassette of theirs which was still in it's wrapping (25 cents). I can't remember if I've heard it yet or not, maybe I should later today! The term "warbeat" definitely became absorbed into electronic culture in more recent years, and it's good to hear it thrown about again! I was thinking more of Ohgr (a'la "Devils In My Details") while preparing to compose this. Instead it turned out to be something pretty different, maybe more outspoken. Thank you for taking a listen to this, and leaving your words!

  16. Wobbin
    Wobbin on Mon 26th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Hey man :)

    Some glitchy sounds! I have to admit in all honesty, I had to get into the groove for the first 10 sec or so, but it sounds good! Unique even comes to mind. Nice additions in the vocals throughout the song. It def keeps things interesting with all the changes and variation.

    I know it might most likely be my crazy mind, but it gives me a slight medieval feeling. Maybe that's caused by your deep voice haha. One of those songs sung with a jar in the hand at a wooden table in the tavern. :D

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping in to listen to this one, which seems to be the least popular thing I've done in years... Guess I'm on the right track, ha ha! As you may have guessed, this song is not really about the groove... it's more for the psychonauts out there, who, like me have a heaping teaspoon of anger and sadness... Something to tell a story on the back of your eyelids. You latter comment actual does the song justice, like something from a medieval pub possibly... I was thinking "sea shanty" a bit after I had finished this. You must have at least some amount of a "crazy mind" to have given this song a good going over. The song was months in the making between the lyrics and the takes, plus learning to work with some new equipment. Thanks again for the supportive words!

  17. NateJMusic
    NateJMusic on Mon 26th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Interesting. Where you the one singing?

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yep that's me. Interesting is better than uninteresting, so I will accept it as a compliment! Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment!

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