Description : So i started this a week ago and it sounds awesome in my opinion but i dont know how to continue.
I need help, you can download this for free, but please, help me in the comments section or download it and send me your version. I really want to go on with this.

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  1. cince
    cince on Wed 27th Mar 2019 - 7 months ago

    thank you for share.

  2. Rolexandr
    Rolexandr on Mon 12th Dec 2016 - 2 years ago

    it sounds very cool!

  3. narco77
    narco77 on Sat 3rd Dec 2016 - 2 years ago

    epic sound

  4. give519
    give519 on Mon 7th Nov 2016 - 3 years ago

    thx share

  5. Magicdecks21
    Magicdecks21 on Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 3 years ago

    Great track!! Great Work!

  6. Williamkibow
    Williamkibow on Thu 18th Aug 2016 - 3 years ago

    woow..this is so great

  7. ariesrobusa
    ariesrobusa on Fri 12th Aug 2016 - 3 years ago

    great !!!

  8. Ocho2010
    Ocho2010 on Fri 29th Jul 2016 - 3 years ago

    Great work! Love it like it is! Very smooth and great tones!

  9. JTStone
    JTStone on Thu 9th Jun 2016 - 3 years ago

    Glad to see you up and about again, man. Would most definitely want to hear the finished product of this. Quite the excellent start you've got going.

  10. fof
    fof on Tue 7th Jun 2016 - 3 years ago

    Cool work!

  11. Jjmparsons
    Jjmparsons on Thu 19th May 2016 - 3 years ago

    absolutely nailed it once again. NICE!!!!

  12. Spamerkoo
    Spamerkoo on Sun 17th Apr 2016 - 3 years ago

    Krásná hudba

  13. dodoz371
    dodoz371 on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 3 years ago

    Really nice track, thank you very much

  14. ZeppelinMuseum
    ZeppelinMuseum on Tue 5th Apr 2016 - 3 years ago

    Good work! Sounds heroic and kind of epic.

  15. JimmyGuitarVoxAC30
    JimmyGuitarVoxAC30 on Sun 3rd Apr 2016 - 3 years ago

    I like the build-up, and when it peaks, it's not overbearing. Good job.

  16. flonut7
    flonut7 on Thu 31st Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    I am really digging this vibe right now. I love me some Epic Emo shit. Honestly i would kick a verse to this anytime, cause with the right subject matter and perhaps a bit of a beat after the break this has Banger written all over it.

    Some work on the mix would be my biggest critique, as the brilliance of the various orchestral parts seems to be lost or atleast overshadowed by the "GLue" of this mix. Did u use an SSL COmp on this one? or the ableton aprox. of an SSl? if so lighten up on that bitch and watch those violins shine. Other then that id say you got 1/2 of a dope cinematic piece here. its definitely building towards something cool so think crescendo soon. Strong work

  17. Granisto1
    Granisto1 on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Elegant * - *

  18. Giters
    Giters on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    hhh Im very impressed

  19. renebalza
    renebalza on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Very good work dramatic 100% .. dont need many changes...

  20. DaveThorne555
    DaveThorne555 on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Hi Timmy! This is epic! If you try a different synth on the part after 1:18 and make it sound more happier or brighter it would help the piece. Professional work my friend, won't be surprised to hear it play on an upcoming movie trailer. Keep up the GREAT work! :-D

    Reply by Abilify

    I will remake that part, im working on it right now!

  21. Cerberus86
    Cerberus86 on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    This track is kinda neat. Keep up the good work bor-stevens

    Reply by Abilify

    bor-stevens? :D

  22. 2D2R
    2D2R on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    It's so dramatic, and really emotional.
    I don't actually make these type of songs so I can't make feedbacks like the people before me.
    All I have to say is to work a bit on the paino in the introduction.

    Reply by Abilify

    any feedback is useful feedback! Thanks for listening!

  23. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Piano has improved a lot. I think for what you've got, you've done a superb job. Maybe work on the overcompression in the latter half, it pulls away some of the beauty and power of the mix because it goes from sound awesome to "oh gosh, thats really compressed" feeling for me. Keep it up, hope to see this one coming to completion!


    Reply by Abilify

    yeah, i dont have anything but alicia keys and it sounds odd with plugins working on it. :/

    Thank you! will complete it for sure!

  24. swegmaster1
    swegmaster1 on Wed 30th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    jesus timmy what're you doing. This is beast. If you wanted to do a dubstep remix.....:P

    Reply by Abilify

    im not really into dubstep, but thanks anyways!

  25. pinky283
    pinky283 on Fri 25th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    This is really nice... you are very talented.

    Reply by Abilify

    Thank you! appreciated!

  26. radade125
    radade125 on Wed 23rd Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Well this is just awesome. I guess you made whatever changes were suggested earlier because what you have sounds really good to me so far! Super intense and epic. Can't wait til it's finished.

    Reply by Abilify

    Im not done yet, but thanks!

  27. wmopar1
    wmopar1 on Mon 21st Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Need help with what? This is a masterpiece!!

    Reply by Abilify

    awwww too cute.

  28. rafaelperez
    rafaelperez on Mon 21st Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    love it will do it.

    Reply by Abilify

    Thanks! hit me up when you're done!

  29. CrimsonKayde
    CrimsonKayde on Fri 18th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    I don't like the constant use of cymbals/hits whatever is going on there on the second part of your track (and notably the transiton) it sounds bad, synthesized and takes away from the rise and puncture of the track. The strings could also use some work on the updated part - the melody is good but they sound terrible (maybe its the VST?). Also, your cymbals need more of a "punch"...I don't like the transition between the first part and the updated part - I get you were struggling on that, but I think you can do way better on that transition. I know I said I was going to work on the original part for you but I got busy haha. I'll try and add elements I think your track could benefit from and post them up here in a timely manner. I don't know what genre you want from this, but if your serious about making an "orchestral" track i'd invest in a VST like Albion 3 - I know money may be tight and you may not be able to access these types of high quality resources which is why I am offering my help. Best regards, CK.

    Reply by Abilify

    That probably was the best comment i ever got, thank you very much for the neutral critisism!
    I appreciate it! i will change the cymbals, i would have anyways, this is just the starting phase of the track.
    Im using Action strings, strikes and session strings, i dont really have anything else, since it costs money.
    Much money.
    But i will check out albion 3 and if its good i will get it.
    I will change the project and try to fit in other Fx etc., please keep being around so i can hit you up!

  30. RemDee
    RemDee on Wed 16th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Super bro. I like it. This is something there. If you develop the theme, it will be Epic! After listening to this track, I appeared at the very idea) Flying into FL Studio)))

    Reply by Abilify

    It's updated, a new comment about how and if you like it would be great!

  31. HeroForMyPC
    HeroForMyPC on Wed 16th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    The possibilities are endless with this one.

    Reply by Abilify

    It's updated, a new comment about how and if you like it would be great!

  32. chekvt
    chekvt on Tue 15th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    it's nice, it's like a developing story. I suggest coming up with a "twist" as in a story (changing the tune towards the end) then the music flows at constant level to denote resolution of the conflict as implied in the music.

    Reply by Abilify

    It's updated, a new comment about how and if you like it would be great!

  33. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Sun 13th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    The track sounds great, but the one thing that really irked me was the piano sounded very midi-ish. I'd suggest adding more sustain to help it flow better. Great work overall though.


    Reply by Abilify

    It's updated, a new comment about how and if you like it would be great!

  34. danke
    danke on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    First of all, it's a great snippet...we can say it's a great intro for a rock song too with some epical influences...

    So my take is to lead this on that way...though I know that is a bit 'radical' idea...:-)

    Handshake, Danke

    Reply by Abilify

    It's updated, a new comment about how and if you like it would be great!

  35. CrimsonKayde
    CrimsonKayde on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    I know exactly what to do, and I have the freetime to do it. I'll upload it up here with a link when i'm done.

    Reply by Abilify

    It's updated, a new comment about how and if you like it would be great!

  36. SoleilxLune
    SoleilxLune on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Sure. Send me your email address in a private message. So, i will reply you and we start to work tomorrow. It's a pleasure collab in a cinematic track. If you want, check my tracks and loops, so you'll have an idea of how I can do.


    Reply by Abilify

    It's updated, a new comment about how and if you like it would be great!

  37. SoleilxLune
    SoleilxLune on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    We can work with a software like teamviewer, and you can use muy library from your computer. And when you render the instrument, you can delete the midi file. So, you'll have a nice sound forma your track.


    Reply by Abilify

    Thats actually a great idea, im impressed. I think i would save them as wave files and send them to my email, so i can continue to work with them at my computer.
    Lets do this like tomorrow, okay? i need your computer ID as well.

  38. SoleilxLune
    SoleilxLune on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    With my comment below I don't mean that I'll give you my instruments, but they will be at your total disposal when you need (if you want). Think con it like a collab.


    Reply by Abilify

    I am confused, what do you mean with "at my total diposal"? I mean, would be really great to have some Vocal libraries and damage, the only ones i have are action strings and session strings.
    I mean, i would really appreciate the libraries, but i dont know how you could "give" them to me. :D

  39. SoleilxLune
    SoleilxLune on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    Your track sounds awesome, and I really want to help you. Sadly I know nothing of music. Even if I can finish your track in my head, I can't express how to do it. The only thing I can do is offer you my instruments. I have good ones for cinematic tracks like cinematic strings 2.1, symphobia colours orchestrator, cinebrass core, heaviocity damage, drums of war 2.0, the giant piano, and many vocal and choir libraries like voxos, olimpus micro, cantus, mercury, mystica, shevannai and clara's vocal. That's the only help I can offer. Hope you can finish your track, because sounds great.


  40. Modnex
    Modnex on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    I like what you got so far man, its awesome like you stated. I think what you should add next is a nice indian flute with a small reverb to it. Also try adding a low filtered congo playing in the background. You can transition into this, in many different ways. An easy way to go about it, would probably be by adding a reverb kick and slowly have the flute fade in.

    After the flute does it's solo, bring in those strings sound from the beginning, making them slightly more aggressive, note wise. Then go from there. That's all I have for now, if I come up with some other ideas, I'll let you know. But, very nice work thus far!

  41. HarryHockjne
    HarryHockjne on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 3 years ago

    It sounds really cool, even right now! I'd love to help, would you be able to email the stem files to me, then I might be able to add some more to it that can help you. You could then add it to this? :)

    Can you attach things with the Contact Me on my page, or do you need my email?

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BDENNEY: 0805869-0068329 (Wild For The Night INTRO DRUMS),
STREETSBEATZ: 0959110-0062623 (Ratchet Gutta - Ride),
NEURO: 0674084-0075917 (Fingers Crossed),
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BUG: 0067564-0001416 (Minimal),
ANDULAH: 0267062-0074744 (Celt Islam Future Bass),
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DUBTEK: 0831304-0060241 (Dubstep Skittish Bass loop),
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REFL3XDUBSTEP: 1045829-0068786 (braken-to-the-stars-melody-synth) - deleted user?

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excuse me for quality fact thi is an old trial of mine and written by Final 2004 ! .
dedicated to all deaf humans whom can't hear this .

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Description : Guy’s this is sound track I have created for a friend who is a documentary film maker.
The film is about the distraction of Earth neutral beauty and creating concrete jungles in its place. It was really sad to see so I came up with this track.
Majority of it done with minor keys to reflect the sadness I hope you all like it.

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Description : a 277 second cinematic about human wars...
I know its a lot for a 17 years old boy to think about this type of things, but its me, and it cant be changed...
lemme tell you about story of the music...
first it starts from WorldWar2, one of the most sadly years for human. then after the war, you can see people are happy, kids are playing, but after some years, you can see the world is getting ready for the WorldWar3 and then you can hear the rest of the story in music...

Description : As first, just forget about the genre...I had to put something, didn't I?:) Otherwise this is something like enjoying sunshine, but to make the feeling a bit more complicated is also about not wanting to have it directly in my face...hehe...

Description : No more singing now...haha! So what comes next?
I belong to the nation which has a great passion for alpinism (not myself though)..:) This newly composed and recorded stuff is dedicated to all of those who stayed in the grip of Himalaya forever!...Respect!

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