Tags : | Dubstep | 6.96 MB

Description : a dubstep track in Bulgarian I created using loops from JamieVega and JoeFunktactic...I sand the vox..pls let me know what you think this is the first time I record dubstep in Bulgarian and I`d love to read your comments

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  1. JamieVega
    JamieVega on Sat 26th Apr 2014 - 5 years ago

    Love it. Great combination of styles. I don't know how I missed your link to it but Im glad I found it. Jamie

  2. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Fri 20th Dec 2013 - 5 years ago

    SO SO cool that you posted the translation! I love your lyrics on this and your performance is spectacular! You inspire me greatly! Going to play this on loopradio soon.

  3. mrwolf14
    mrwolf14 on Tue 26th Nov 2013 - 5 years ago

    I usually don't like dubstep, but there are a few exceptions: this is one of these.
    Your voice is really interesting and the vocals here have a great power: they deliver a sense of emptiness and a desperate urge of communicating, but the singer is immediately drown by the deep-slow-synth which, like the waves of a raged ocean, covers the words with the blanket of the night.
    Really good track.
    You have gained a new fan MrDjShemZee :-)
    Ciao, Domenico

  4. deciBel
    deciBel on Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - 6 years ago

    Sdrasti!Priiatel!O tova e dobre! Naistina mi haresva.Uspeh!___Behnam

    Reply by DJShemZee

    Thank u my friend,MNOGO BLAGADARYA ("Thank u very much" in Bulgarian)

  5. MStokes
    MStokes on Sun 28th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    brutal, beautiful, lost concrete angel-gargoyle street poetry!

  6. MStokes
    MStokes on Sun 28th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    would dearly love a translation of this powerful vox my friend - the music matches the passion of your delivery and i wish i could understand it more completely - dark, vital, entirely lit up!

    Reply by DJShemZee

    Here`s a quick translation using google translator:)

    The night falls asleep in your arms
    It scrambled the day in tar and milk
    and my dry cough now
    curves my body in a bow.
    I've never wanted the night
    to become the blanket
    thrown over me in the darkness oblivious
    tuck me in a knot - mind and body
    I've never loved so
    until yesterday - now it is too late
    I did not dare to meet stupidity
    face to face, and now I`m staring at it dully ...
    Paris does not believe in tears
    but I see comets falling in your eyes
    I do not know how to crawl with dignity
    and I cannot walk standing
    Repeat my storms rage
    for the written word-cry in stone
    a cool kiss of the city
    for streets torn up to sand

    For his caressing hands
    as steel caress that leads to screams
    and how you sleep like a child
    innocent , tired and shy ...

  7. doudei
    doudei on Sun 28th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    great stuff man, lovely blend. i like your style!
    i was in bulgaria last year, it was great. always very nice people! plus palinka and langos, then im happy.
    also some very talented liquid funk artists there that i know from earlier :)

    Reply by DJShemZee

    Thank you for listening & reviewing

  8. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Sun 28th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    Brilliant production from start to finish. Very professionally arranged. The singing very beautiful! I am glad you chose not to sing in english. Sometimes you just have to sing in the language you where born with.

    Great use of sounds and instruments! Nicely done, I truly enjoyed your song. Joe

    Reply by DJShemZee

    Thank you very much Joe you`re one of my heroes here on looperman...your review is an honor for me

  9. PeteTebar
    PeteTebar on Sat 27th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    Very impressive DJShemzee. the arrangemaent is stellar, and your vocal is fresh and very original. Very good to make your acquaintance sir, I hope to hear more of your music.


    Reply by DJShemZee

    thank u very much pete

  10. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Sat 27th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    Your vocals are always good in any genre Shemzee....enjoyed this one....Ed

    Reply by DJShemZee

    Thank you very much for stoppin by my friend

  11. crucethus
    crucethus on Sat 27th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    Nice song!. I like Bulgarian style dance music ever since I saw Deep Zone & Balthazar perform with Joanna Dark on the song DJ Take me away at the Euros some time back. I do notice that in the Bulgarian scene they still use scratching quite a bit in the dance music. Fun to listen too!

    Reply by DJShemZee

    10x for listening & reviewing

  12. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Sat 27th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    This is great my friend! Such an expressive style of dubstep! Your vocals are something special! I'm truly impressed! Faved for sure!

    Reply by DJShemZee

    you are my inspiration for dubstep and your words mean a lot to me thank u my friend

  13. VickyDan
    VickyDan on Sat 27th Jul 2013 - 6 years ago

    Hello ....

    I am pleasantly surprised .... because an unusual language in the musical standards in general.
    You have done with a lot of talent in the voice, and lots of harmonies.
    Very pleasant to listen to, and I encourage you to start again ....


    Reply by DJShemZee

    thank u very much for listening and for your kind words Dan

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