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Description : some VERY heavy wubs.
The key is F#

Description : Some hard brass shots that will sound good in a hybrid trap/trap drop.

F# in Minor Scale
enjoy :D

Description : just a regular 8 bit-ish melody,

enjoy :D

C Key in Lydian Scale

Description : just a strange pad ._.

enjoy :D

Description : some Future Bass Drums :D
might be usefull

Snare is in A# so the Key of the Loop is aswell.

Description : Some interesting strings.

Harmless but menacing at the same time

A Key in Harmonic Minor Scale

Description : I´M BACK!
haven´t uploaded in a while so i decided to make something ;)

C Key in Arabic Scale

feel free to comment the stuff you made with it :D

Description : there is the pluck that i have mentioned in the first marshmello loop.

enjoy :D

Description : i have made a marshmello type vocalchop, will fit great to my pluck melody (also a marshmello type)

enjoy :D

Description : just some disto 808 drums, will fit great to something detuned :D

Description : some REAAAAAALLY hard synths and basses, will fit very well with some trap drums.

enjoy ;)

Description : some vocalchopps which would fit great to a pluck.

Enjoy :D

Description : just some chill-ish bells.

Description : just a growling bass.

C# in the Dorian Scale

Description : i dunno, sounds likea a classical piano loop i guess?

Its in D in the Phyrgian scale

Description : thoght this sounded like something out of a game, so its called "a little game"


Description : heavy brass with a sub bass, hope its useable!

Description : this is an arabic pluck melody that i made with the VST Sakura preset Cherry Blossom Pluck II. It sound like it would fit great to a trap beat.

Loops 126 - 143 of 143
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