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Description : would be good as a top end layer for house/garage music

Description : melancholic loop i made, lmk if u want piano/synth individually

Description : not mixed but probably sounds like shit bc of the audio requirements for looperman

Description : i made this off my face so if it sounds off sorry xx

Description : good for layering

Description : goes w the melody i posted earlier
drums w a swing, btw its supposed to sound offbeat n all that

Description : sound good w the drums im gonna post inna sec

Description : chopped up a drum sample i found n added overdrive eqs and all that

Description : brohug type shit

Description : sorry for not uploading been going thru some stuff
my take on dnb drums so its prolly shit

Description : this goes so hard oml

Description : not rly an arp but idk what to call it
(sounds better as a harmony)

Description : kinda sad tho

Description : share what u make

Description : same here

Description : my shit sounds the same istg

Description : idek how to describe this sound

Description : idek what this sound is but yeah no effects or anything

Description : kimda bad tho

Description : wierd sounds but slaps

Description : bruh all my shit sounds the same at this point

Description : has a cool bounce to it

Description : goes well with the other loop

Description : idek what this sound is ngl

Description : kinda dark
share what u make

Loops 1 - 25 of 43