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Description : Please share your work if you use this loop! I love to hear them,enjoy this :)
joji type melody sad guitar nostalgia relax chill

Description : Please submit your projects with this loop! I want to hear your beats. Take care and enjoy!
hard boom bap underground style hardcore rap freestyle melody

Description : Please share your projects with me! I see them all and I leave my support! Break this loop
chill lofi boom bap relax lo-fi hip hop joji

Description : I hope you enjoy these loops made with all the love! I want to see everything they do with this, I support all their projects! Take care!
lofi piano lo-fi sad nostalgia chill relax boom bap

Description : I hope to see your projects with this fire! Leave me what you do in the comments, I'll be happy to see it!
Hardcore boom bap rap style fast epic piano

Description : Please share your work if you use this loop! I love to hear them
joji type melody sad piano nostalgia relax chill

Description : Send your work please! I'll be waiting for you! Take care
lil peep xxxtentacion guitar sad melancholy nostalgia

Description : Send your works, I see them all! I wish you all the success with your beats!
Smokepurpp lil pump 6ix9nine hardcore melody trap xxxtentacion

Description : Friends I hope to see your projects with this melody, I try to see all your beats and I like to hear your works! It serves both a 6ix9ine type beat and a boom bap, enjoy it!
6ix9ine 69 Boom bap hardcore gooba type

Description : Leave your projects in the comments please! I always see them all, I will leave feedback! Enjoy!

Description : Chords: Bm7 - Em9 - Amaj9 - Dmaj9
Share your projects! I like to see them all and support them! Enjoy this loop!
Sad joji guitar lo-fi hip hop relax ambient jazz

Description : Chords: Bm9, Fm9
As you really liked the lofi guitar loop that I uploaded recently, I bring you a new one. Enjoy it and share your projects please, I like and comment on all!
Guitar chill sad happy lofi joji hip hop

Description : A guitar plugin with a vhs effect that gives it a magical touch. Hope to see your beats with this! I will support and comment on all the projects that they do with this and that they share it with me!
lil peep sad 115 bpm fminor relax chill ambient

Description : Chords: DM9, AM9 (Modified pitch)
I support everyone who shares your project, so send me your work please! I want to hear your chill beats with this!
lofi lo-fi chill guitar hip hop sad rain relax joji

Description : Thanks for the 50k downloads on my loops! Let's go for the 100k, I leave this melody for hard trap! Share your projects to give them support!
hard trap smokepurpp lil pump comethazine bells

Description : I am looking for collaborations, answer this loop if anyone is interested! Greetings and share your beats!
Trap Hard Crazy Fast Bzrp C90

Description : Chords: Db Maj 7, Gb Maj 7 (Keep in mind that I lowered the pitch)
Please let me hear your work with this melody, I am excited to hear your projects! Take care
Lofi lo-fi sad guitar chill relax rain happy

Description : Boom bap guitar loop! I will support projects that leave me in the comments, so please share your work!

Description : Several asked me to make this version of the last ukulele loop that I uploaded, for whom I wanted the ukulele without the effect of the waves, here it is. Enjoy it!

lofi ocean joji sad chords real ukelele ukulele sanellix music

Description : Thank you all for the 20k downloads in my loops! I really enjoy doing them and this motivates me, enjoy this loop recorded with my own ukulele to celebrate! Do not forget to share your work!

Lofi ukelele joji ocean ambient hip hop relax

Description : A melancholy melody on a piano which I liked a lot, enjoy it! Do not forget to share your beats! I am looking for collaborations, send a message if you are interested !!

Lofi hip hop boom bap old school sad melodic

Description : A melody for a trap with a hard bass and strong drums, send me your beats !!

C90 remix smokepurpp lil pump comethazine hard trap sanellix music 808

Description : A guitar loop with voices that I had saved, since it seems good to me and I don't think I use it for now, enjoy it, send your work to support them!

xxxtentacion lil peep sad loop guitar sanellix music

Description : I am imagining in my mind a tremendous boom bap with this melody, someone who will make it happen and share it, please.

Dark piano boom bap hard hip hop

Description : An emotional loop made with nexus, I want to see what they do with it so don't forget to send me your projects!!

Synth loop pluck sad emotive epic

Loops 1 - 25 of 36