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Description : simple counter/background melody
click alien pic to checkout my music

Description : little EDM-like trap bass
Click profile pic to peep my channel
If you use comment link for repost

Description : Click profile pic to peep my beats
comment tracks here for a sc repost

Description : simple bass, kinda hard
Plz click alien avi to sub for original music!
repost here and will share ur tracksss
notes are c, b

Description : Plz click avi to check out my beats
If you make something link here and i'll repost

Description : Nice Lofi-esque chords, 24 bars with chords and a melody so you can pick and choose/chop up
Thanks for listening, click pic to peep beats!

Description : 4 Bar Chord Melody, good for Lofi
plz click pic to hmu 4 collabs / peep my beatzzz

Description : simple sub bass sound
click pic to checkout beats / 4 collabs

Description : relaxed chords in phygian mode
click pic to checkout beats // collab

Description : sad chords, 16th quantized. last chord starts a lil behind the bar (sounded better that way)
plz click pic to checkout beats / hmu for collabs

Description : lil piano/guitar sounding riff
click pic to peep beats/hmu for collabs

Description : simple pad melody
wanted to use this but think imma go with chords instead, post if u make anything
click pic to peek beats//collab

Description : could not finish 2nd half of this melody
plz share if you make anything, click pic 2 peep beats
(reuploaded w/ 2nd half attempt)

Description : simple lead
click pic to contact for collab // access beats

Description : basic melody i figured maybe someone can use for something
click pic for beats // collabs

Description : good counterpoint for a lead
click pic for beats/contact!

Description : simply melody base, no plugins
click pic for collabs/beats

Description : Funky loop
click pic for store/collabs

Description : light, non-lead melody
click pic for store//collab

Description : click pic for store // collabs

Description : failed middle eastern vibe
click bio for store

Description : no plugins, unperfected harmony
click pic 2 contact 4 store//collabs

Description : no plugins
click pic for store / collabz

Description : eq and 16th quantized

click pic for collabs // beats

Description : low pitched melodic base
no plugins // unquantized
click pic for store // collabs

Loops 1 - 25 of 107
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