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Description : can be used at 70 or 140 bpm

Description : vocals: Lendy
Scratched: Virtual Dj

Description : scratch loop

Description : My Chopped Vinyl Drum Sounds

Description : started off as a simple bass line played with some filters and fx tossed some synth in there , and came out what sounds like a spacey pad sound idk let me know if i should put it under a different genre
thanks Lendy

Description : Flow kit

Description : End of the seventies Bpm,special gritty kick

Description : hat,perc,clap filler drums

Description : Me with Ultrabeat

Description : Lendy Kick & Snare kit

Description : UltraBeat Machine with FatLoud Dope vol2 kit with stock Conga 06 groove

Description : me in UltraBeat wit my custom sound kit, with a new pattern i made up

Description : Trap Door Kit, Logic Pro

Description : Seven Bit Drum kit,used in Logic Pro with UltraBeat

Description : Fx to go with part1 for some reason i was not able to join the two tracks together

Description : bass,synth,string mix

Description : Basic Drums

Description : Trap Drums

Description : Full Drums

Description : Fill Drums

Description : Ultrabeat Custom underground kit with sub bass,Loud!!

Description : Ultra beat with my custom underground collection

Description : Filthy distorted Basic Live and electro drum sounds

Description : extra hi hats and cymbal, and fx

combine all 3 loops it creates a cool groove

Description : Bow and funk piano sound

Loops 1 - 25 of 44