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Description : C major, hope usable.

Description : 160 bpm, E minor used, hope usable

Description : hope usable, major scale

Description : hope usable, core is the piano, i add something like background sound noise.

Description : this loop is making me feeling pain in my heart dont know why, hope its usable lmao, major scale used.

Description : hope usable, lydian scale used, keys: D/C#/B/A

Description : hope usable, lydian used, keys D# / C

Description : inspired, hope usable, used aeolian mode (G# / F#)

Description : hope usable

Description : hope usable.

Description : nexus used for this. lydian scale.

Description : maybe it doesnt sound like flute, but nexus said it is flute, so whatever, i hope its usable

Description : hope u like it.

Description : hope u like it, send ur work.

Description : scale used is lydian mode, hope u enjoy it.

Description : scale used is Aeolian mode

Description : hope usable, this loop works very well with gross beat set on half speed, scale used is Lydian mode.
Send ur work!

Description : hope usable, send ur work, keys: C, C, B, B

Description : hope usable, share ur work! Keys: C,B,A,G
Major Scale

Description : hope usable, send ur work, keys: C,D,E,D

Description : made this by mistake out with lead, hope usable

Description : send ur work, hope u enjoy it.

Description : melody created with synth and piano mixed. send ur work

Description : As always, send your work, thanks

Description : leave ur work in comments, thank you

Loops 1 - 25 of 28
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