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Description : Panned hi hats, to fit with uk drill pianos, guitars etc. Should fit with my other drill loops. Perfect for abracadabra, ofb or pop smoke type beats.

Description : Counter after 4 bars. Fits perfectly with drill hi - hats, drill drums etc. Could also be used for trap, with a dark pad or something.
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Description : Leave links below. Goes with my drill hi hat pattern (see my profile) but almost any drill drums can be used. Leave links below

Description : Banging drill hi hats. Send me links if u make some heat with it. Would mix well with dark piano/guitar and drill drums

Description : Dark UK drill melody. Split after 4 bars for counter. F minor

Description : Layer with some 7th chords on rhodes or piano :)
Guitar sounds good too.
Leave me links, I listen to everything!

Description : 3 bass sounds layered together. Analogue bass, house bass and sub. Enjoy! Leave links :)

Description : FL Studio, 50% Reverb and half speed using patcher. F HARMONIC Minor. Sounds dope layered with pads. Send links too!

Description : B minor, send links!

Description : Made in FL Studio
A# Major

Description : Contact for midi
G minor

Description : Massive keys with reverb, rc-20 retro colour. Reminds me of Fuck Love by XXXTentacion and Trippie Redd. I can send the midi if you leave your details. C# Minor.

Description : Message for midi

E minor

Description : Made using a Mellotron sampled into FL Studio. 140 bpm

Description : G#Major

midi on request

Description : An arppegiated dark trap loop. D Minor.

Description : Midi available
G minor

Description : Pretty chill piano loop, very relaxed

Description : Mixes well with rhodes.

Key is C MINOR.

Leave your email if you want the midi

Description : Fl Studio

Sounds good at almost any tempo / half speed.
F minor

Description : B minor, I can send the midi if you want to change the sound. 134BPM

Description : A lil mosey piano / pluck loop. Key is F major

Description : Made in FL Studio, effects are reverb and guitar rig 5.

Description : Made in Omnisphere reupload

Description : A Minor

Omnipshere and Guitar Rig

Loops 1 - 25 of 34