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Description : Not wanting to breathe

Description : I would never apologize for being white

Description : congratulations to the slapper

Description : Overflow Memories

Description : Do nothing but do it well

Description : Trigger warning

Description : Infinite lower

Description : Synth Retrowave Synthwave

Description : On the verge of chaos

Description : failed pacemaker

Description : Unlisted technology

Description : blind girls

Description : Never too late

Description : Tiny glimmer

Description : for synthwave & retrowave - gregorian vocal

Description : Programmed mind

Description : Mentally elsewhere

Description : the lack of self-confidence

Description : She was my life, I was not hers.

Description : you'll never know

Description : One day, one thought.

Description : I forget myself

Description : Be nobody to be somebody

Description : I would like to move elsewhere, to Eastern Europe for example, I don't like living in France anymore.

Description : Stranger World A

Loops 1 - 25 of 1125
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