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Description : Be careful with some people, today they will hug you and tomorrow they will push you away.

Description : Dreaming without acting, cultivating the nightmare.

Description : And then one day you don't care and it feels good

Description : victim society

Description : Toxic Family

Description : You will know that you can put yourself in the shoes of a person with autism the day you realise that they cannot put themselves in your shoes.

Description : Simplicity does not need to be simple, but complex tightened and synthesized.

Description : We talk about the malaise of the suburbs, but isn't the malaise the suburbs ?

Description : Beyond the imaginable, there is the unknown, a whole universe that escapes us.

Description : Don't be in a hurry to learn everything, enjoy the unknown and let life surprise you.

Description : Hate, the winter of the heart.

Description : synthwave retrowave 80's

Description : Who seeks the infinite, need only close his eyes.

Description : There is nothing worse than the girl who lets herself be led by her environment, who does whatever her friends advise her to do.

Description : I live very often at night, because I was told that I would die one day.

Description : I can't wait to get out of Paris and live in the country.

Description : Only 4 samples Vocal Gregorian

Description : The woman who seduces with her body is evil, but she who seduces with her spirit is deadly.

Description : Melody two days to kill

Description : The courage to choose well after reflection

Description : Only Vocal Gregorian Wav

Description : Sometimes you go away to think, sometimes you go away because you have thought.

Description : It is incredible to see how the people, as soon as they are subjugated, suddenly fall into such a deep oblivion of their freedom that it is impossible for them to wake up and regain it. They serve so well and so willingly that it seems as if they have not only lost their freedom, but gained their servitude.

Description : Those who underestimate themselves will one day realise that they have mostly overestimated others.

Description : bass serum 4 differents filter

Loops 1 - 25 of 1163
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