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Description : School, a greenhouse where one also learns about the cruelty and stupidity of others

Description : there are no frigid women, there are only clumsy men.

Description : there are no frigid women, there are only clumsy men

Description : cold rain

Description : Sometimes the only reason you can't let go of what makes you sad is because it was the only thing that made you happy

Description : the extraterrestrial scam

Description : Who loves you talks to you, who doesn't care about you, ignores you

Description : The misfortune of one who mistreats everyone is not to find a friend in his misery.

Description : Zeitgeist Addendum

Description : It takes years of living in nothingness to understand how one can be suddenly frightened of a possibility.

Description : Life is not a blue dream but a black nightmare when I open my eyes.

Description : piano lo-fi

Description : Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true.
Believe in yourself and they will surely come true.

Description : Crying is not a shame. Making people cry is one.

Description : Without a specific cause

Description : It is when it turns into pain that we can judge the depth of the feeling

Description : because without madness there is nothing left

Description : So many hands to transform this world, and so few to contemplate it.

Description : Optimism is the rage to maintain that everything is good when you are bad.

Description : Fate is the excuse for those who don't want to be responsible for their lives

Description : Time drags everything into its course, and the last hour advances.

Description : A short moment, a moment of rest on the wind and another woman will give birth to me.

Description : With little Chorus

Description : Resample Chords bass made with CORT
Resample Chords melody made with Squier Fender

Description : Of all human infirmities, the saddest is the lack of common sense

Loops 1 - 25 of 1093
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