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Description : well-founded suspicion

Description : notes in rhythm with the cut filter of serumFX

Description : at first sight

Description : the days that are getting longer

Description : Aaron 11

Description : men without balls

Description : dominoes

Description : star flash

Description : cyberpunk post apocalyptique

Description : I'm about to receive my new midi controller
bastl 60 knobs I can't wait to get it

Description : At the gates of hell
convolver dry wet

Description : in accordance with safety rules

Description : grey street

Description : Aaron 10

Description : slate roofs

Description : who has served you cannot forgive you

Description : gregorian convolver recorded rearrangement ADSR

Description : don't pee against the wind

Description : biological clock

Description : kuiper belt

Description : wise decision

Description : the leaves that slowly fall into the Japanese cherry garden

Description : made with serum

Description : the hidden side of the universe

Description : recorded with tascam DR 07 mkII
arranged into slicex and little reverb

Loops 1 - 25 of 518
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