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Description : Synth used: ALPHA-RAY, experimenting with XILs Vocoder, Antresol, Vinyl-strip and compression for that vintage feel.

Description : Not FM synthesis like SOPHIE seems to use but actually and old techno drum loop I made a while back re-pitched/chopped/screwed and strewn about the piano roll.

Description : Not as a majestic as the 24 hour slowed down version but a happy accident using Adaptiverb and custom delay on tuned percussion and a detuned pluck i made

Description : I've been getting into artists like Iglooghost and all this breakcore/new grimey stuff. So I made this in Hive.

Description : I like my drums dirty with just a little bit of gold.

Description : Made using Dune 2, getting fond of plucks

Description : Made using FL's Arpeggiator in conjunction with Dune's ambient effects and synthesis, may also suit Future Bass.

Description : Vinyl grit and scissors, pops and crackles

Description : Been feeling that garage vibe lately- trying to achieve that cavernous/skippy sound via pitched down/chopped up kicks, finger snaps and hi hats.

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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