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Description : been awhile huh

Description : Flex is a pretty cool plugin. All my socials on my profile. Enjoy

Description : Let me know If i should keep uploading these.
Links on my profile for anything you want to find me on.

Description : Just been messin around with drum patterns tryin to get better. Hope you enjoy this one
questions or collabs can be asked on my insta
All info on profile

Description : one for the boys.
links on profile

Description : made a new gram, dm me about questions collabs or if you just want to talk. All info on my profile
piano melody goes with this chords

Description : New gram on profile, dm me about questions collabs or if you just wanna talk about music.
Used this loop in my newest song. Enjoy

Description : contact me through insta. following everyone back rn.
all info on profile

Description : made a insta. Info on profile, Doing follow backs.

Description : Made a new insta, going to be posting music stuff and my art work. Following everyone back. Infos on profile.

Description : Its like yg or something

Description : haahaa

Description : okay.

Description : If it fits

Description : Simple but spooky

Description : yung metronome

Description : even more lofi

Description : some pretty stuff

Description : all your lofi needs

Description : Been really into Lofi lately, You should check some of my new songs.

Description : If you want just the drums no vocals lemme know

Description : This should be playing in the gta san andreas title screen

Description : No bassline.

Description : nice.

Description : saddest of the sad Marimba loop. Did i spell that right?

Loops 1 - 25 of 78