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Description : I keep making melodies but I can't finish any projects. Let me know if you can ;)

Description : IDK what to do with it, so I hope you guys do.

Let me know if you use it in something :D

Description : Some chords with a melody on top.
All made with a Rhodes Piano

Let me know if you make some fire using it ;)

Description : Idk what to say... Let me know if you use this loop for some fire...

It's in D major

Description : Made in FL Studio, with Omnisphere.

Link me your work if you use my sample :)

Chords: Dm7 , Cm7 , Dm7 , Cm7 , D#m7

These Chords are based on piano chords. Since I don't play the guitar, I dont know if they are called the same in the guitar.

Loops 1 - 5 of 5