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Description : So here we are again, I played some new drum chops with the mpc and recorded it into my daw. This one hits hard!
Enjoy and as always don't forget to show me what you did

Description : Played some vibey lofi keys on the piano. Have a nice week and stay safe my dudes.

Description : Played some keys on my piano, did some fx on it for the vibe and here we go. Came up with some different chords to use for that beat and this progression was left, so feel free to do somethin wit it!

Description : Did some Drums with the mpc 2000xl a while ago. Show me what you doooo

Description : Played some piano but didn't know what to do with it. Put some effects on it for that dusty lofi ambience

Description : Some Drums I did with the MPC 2kxl a while ago

Description : Some nasty ass old school drums
Show me what you did!

Loops 1 - 7 of 7