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Description : It's a nice LOFI/slow piano chord progression.

Description : such a sad flow

Description : futuristic type melody

Description : Dope arp

Description : quick bell counter melody I thought yall might like

Description : melodic guitar melody

Description : Real weird half timed horn combo

Description : Sweet upbeat guitar melody

Description : Reversed synth piano, Sounds like some NAV type ish

Description : Basic half Timed Harp

Description : I started listening to A$AP Twlevy.....

Description : Dope Flanged guitar that was half timed and reversed and now it's just beautifully hard af.

Description : Melodic Halftime bells

Description : Hey guys, I'm back!! Heres a banger of a guitar melody for yall

Description : Mellow and upbeat

Description : very spacey feel

Description : Melodic and very diverse!

Description : Hey, this one is super retro.

Description : Super upbeat and positive melody, enjoy

Description : Very simple melody that you can do anything with, sad, upbeat. Whatever

Description : Very trippy and melodic

Description : Sad nav type melody

Description : Darker melody

Description : Upbeat type beat enjoy.

Description : Sad type melody I half timed.

Loops 1 - 25 of 27
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