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Description : Trappy drums with sizzling Hi-Hats.
(P.S: should also work as 140 BPM)

Let me know how y'all flipped the sample!

Description : Enjoy!!!

(P.S: let me know how you flipped the sample, guys!)

Description : Some drums i've made.
I added an automation for a highpass filter
on the bass,so that it sounds kinda fading in and out, like a broken speaker.

Description : Let me know, how ya'll flipped the sample!!

Description : Some Groovy Drums for Trap or Hip-Hop

Description : Just some drums I made.(Btw 130 BPM works as well,if your projects BPM is closer to 130 than 65.Also,im curious how you guys flip the loop,so let me know :D)


Description : (3/4 Beat) Spacey sounding Synths I made.It isn't written in 4/4,so keep that in mind!!

Enjoy :)

(btw,if someone flipped it,I would gladly listen to it)

Description : Drums from my recent project

Description : Just some drums I made.
I couldn't come up with a melody...smh

Description : Drums that I made a while ago.

Description : One of my first tries at making old school hip-hop drum loops,so if something sounds weird about it,let me know!

Description : Used 4 different Synths,recorded them,processed everything,chopped this bitch up,pitchshifted it around and reversed some parts.
(It wasn´t intended to sound Travis-Like,but i still like the outcome)


Description : I dig his stuff,so i decided to make a cosmic loop myself.(I like my Drums Loud,so i made them Knock (i think))

(If you made something with it,i would gladly hear it)

Description : a melody with Energy Progression

Description : My drums from a recent project (This loop can either be played at 79BPM or 158BPM)

Description : Drums from my abandoned project

Description : I wanted to make a track....
Progress halted when I finished the Drums :/
(btw if you made something out of this,I would gladly hear it:) )

Description : My Pen Tapping.Cut and Processed

Description : I used a sample of me playing one note on my old flute,used a synthesizer to resynth that stuff,added white noise,equalised it,panned the original sample right, put on Effector with Vox settings,automated X & Y Modulation,panned the Voxed sample th the left and Voila!A cool phasing Flute with a little arping effect going on at the low mids

Loops 1 - 19 of 19
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