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Description : Just messin' around, left out reverb so it wouldn't be a cutoff loop.
Description : A retro-sounding trumpet ensemble with a random shitty chorus effect attached.
Description : Trip-Hop type beat, could be used for lofi.
Description : An eerie, irie, and highly catchy dancehall beat.
Description : Nice little melodic percussion drop.
Description : Wavy bass on a down-sloping filter.
Description : You're in a magical forest where your dreams come true...
Description : Maybe a rain-themed trap song? Go for it.
Description : Spooky little synth bassline, I think it would go great with a chap-hop beat.
Description : This bass line has some nice sub, but also has that pounding kick to pump the speakers.
Description : Some nasty bells for a trap drop, not sure on the key because it was not embedded in the royalty-free sample.
Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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