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Description : A beautiful clear guitar sound, if you like, leave your comment.

Description : I was creating some arpeggios for my new project, but that does not fit my new track, I was going to send it to the bin, but it seems to be useful, nice room for a great project, I hope this is useful for you, use it freely , just let me hear if you used it!

Description : Complex Severe Beats Bass

I was here making some noises and I created this specially for looperman upload, for you!
I hope you like it and do something good with it.

Description : Apenas de volta bom alguns loops.

Description : I created this complex arpeggio today, I would like to share it with you.
It is part of a project I'm building, but it's free for you to use in your projects!
I've used a set of real instruments and add effects, guitar strings and Yamaha DX7 Keyboard.

Description : Wonderful String

Description : FM Arp Analogic
Hardware - DX7

Description : Just Bells Cinematic

Synth Analog

Description : Amzing Angel

Description : Real Bass

Description : Pluk Heavenly
Sylenth1 Preset created specifically by me.

Description : original creation

Tell me if you like this?
Are you able to do something with it?

Description : I created this beautiful arp with my VST guitar in FL Studio
Enjoy is yours, it's free, it's new!
Complex notes, G, D, A, C, E
I have the midi file, if you need it.

Description : I created a complex guitar arp in 110 BPM.
I hope you use this on some project.
Please if you create let me hear.
Key C

Description : Grande Projeto - Guitar C - G - D
I created this beautiful acoustic melody please let me hear what you can do with it.

Description : Just Kick Fat - By Bravei

Description : I hope you enjoy, I using Fl Studio and my strings with distortion.
Use your creativity, my suggestion would look good on an EDM drop.
If you use this please let me hear what you did.

Description : Loops Drums Acoustic Real
Little to say I hope you use it for some project.

Description : Just collaborating by sending my first loop.
I created a secondary and primary arpeggio on the G and A scale
Important BPM is 95
I used ACE and Omnisphere
Beautiful melody of the soul

Loops 1 - 19 of 19