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Description : cool little electric piano riff that I ended up playing over some basic chords. pretty cool for soul, rnb, jazzhop, or other smooth genres. (Ebmin7, Fmin7)

Description : another loop I made for the pack! this one was made with Keyzone Classic (free plugin). if u wanna hear more of this stuff feel, free to message me.

Description : used a Kontakt plugin for this one. gonna be uploading more soon from a loop pack im working on, until then I have some more jazz/RnB/lofi loops just like this one you can find on my profile.

Description : I forgot how many saxes I used but I know there's 1 bari, 2 tenor, and at least 1 alto. Anyway this is one of my favorite loops so far but because it's just so different than the others. This is good for smooth jazz and RnB/ soul tracks. Hope you guys found it useful. Also i put this in brass but ik its a woodwind instrument, and this was made using the SWAM plugins for those of you wondering

Description : Chords: Abmaj9, Fmin9, Emaj9, G+add9

Back to the basics with some smooth epiano. The same plugin as always just added some panning lfo.
I AM TAKING REQUESTS NOW, if theres a certain loop you have in mind that you think i can make, or a song that you want me to cover, be sure to drop a comment.

Description : I basically sampled myself playing a built-in vibraphone preset on my Korg. Chopped it, then I ran it through a crapton of post-processing (pitch shifter, saturation, eq, random pitch modulation, compression)
and added some weird noise comin from the keyboard's signal.

Really dont know what this would be good for except lofi hip hop or acid jazz (like theres a difference) but experiment lol. anyway hope u find it useful.

Description : the same plugin as always, love to hear what u come up with. Added light reverb and leslie rotary motor emulation. I put the key as A minor but it switches from major to minor. good for lofi hh or rnb.
Chords: Amaj9, Fmaj7, Dmin9, E aug7
Amaj9, Fmaj, Gbmin11, Fmaj6

Description : made with D Piano-E plugin. Chord progression I almost used for an unreleased jazz piece that just stuck with me. Has a panning lfo but thats the only effect. Happy to hear what u make of it

Chords: Gbmaj-add9, Faug7, Bbmin9, Baug7, Ebmin11, Faug7, Bmin7, Eb7,

Bbmin7, Gbmin7, B7, Abmin7, Db7,Gmaj9, Gaug-maj7, Gmaj9,Faug7

Description : Made with DPiano-E put in a leslie rotary emulation and i think some panning lfo to make it more wavy. Inspired by Romance by Hiroshi Suzuki. Played everything myself so this wont get deleted.

Chords: Gmin9, Dmin11, Gmin9, Dmin9

Description : Been a while but I been havin fun w/ the DPiano-E plugin. Sounds really smooth and realistic. Anyway if you end up usin it, Id love to hear what you made. Good for lofi hip hop, jazz rap, RnB Soul, or boom bap.
Chords: Fmin9, C#9add13 (i think), Bbmin9, C9

Description : Piano from VSCO Orchestra, added light reverb and tape saturation

Description : CHORDS: EbMaj7, GMajadd9
Inspired by Funny How Time Flies by Janet Jackson, great for RnB, smooth jazz, chill out or downtempo. only fx added were reverb, eq, and tape saturation.

Description : Chord progression similar to what the strings in First of the Year play. Jazzed up and added reverb to create a ballad.
If you want the midi or a dry version just let me know.
Rest in beats X.

Description : Made with 3x osc and added some trippy LFO fx.

Cool for some rnb or chill out stuff.

Chords: Gbmaj7, Ebmin7

Description : Cmaj7, Emin13, Fmaj9, Dmin7, G7.

Some more jazz and rnb piano. If you use this, Id love to hear what you've made.

Description : Glass armonica, in this case is a set of wine glasses that are tuned with how much water is in said glass and played with damp fingers.

Description : Chinese lute called the pipa made with DSK plugin.
added reverb. If you use this feel free to share what you've made. Idk what to put this because it's not really a Banjo and is different than a mandolin

Description : ok I'm kinda pissed that Looperman deleted the last loop. but this time it only includes string instruments. String ensemble inspired by Aquarium Park Map, as always I'd love to hear what you came up with

Description : basically the same thing but it sounds cleaner transposing it an octave up. If you use let me know

Description : This has to be one of my favorite chord progressions I made so far. feel free to use it with the Rhode melody as well

Description : just a melody i wrote for the chord progression

Description : This was from a song or mine called Brighter Curtains, a future bass track,it adds some nice texture. If you use this let me know and I hope it is usable. Can be implemented into many genres.

Description : Nice Rnb/smooth jazz ballad complete with chords and improv. Made in FL with RoomMachine reverb plugin, Izotope Vinyl plugin, and tape saturation.

Description : Calm kinda somber piano chords made in FL Studio. Used RoomMachine reverb plugin and tape saturation. If you use this, feel free to put a link to your project, Id love to hear!

Description : This can be used for alot of jazz or rnb productions. Recorded in GarageBand. Love to hear what you make of this. If you want the melody or chords isolated just let me know in the comments and I'll upload them seperately.

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