Description : I forgot how many saxes I used but I know there's 1 bari, 2 tenor, and at least 1 alto. Anyway this is one of my favorite loops so far but because it's just so different than the others. This is good for smooth jazz and RnB/ soul tracks. Hope you guys found it useful. Also i put this in brass but ik its a woodwind instrument, and this was made using the SWAM plugins for those of you wondering

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  1. manurodero
    manurodero on Sat 4th Jul 2020 - 3 months ago

    Hey. Can I use this for a commercial track. Great work bruv! Glad to know some people be keeping up with this real sh*t.

    Reply by Amusan

    hey sorry im just now seeing this logged back in,but if u havent already ditchd the project i dont mind u using it commercially

  2. v17cent
    v17cent on Sun 3rd May 2020 - 5 months ago

    Gave it an oldschool est coast kind of vibe, thanks for the loop, it was a lot of fun!

  3. ndre95
    ndre95 on Sat 25th Apr 2020 - 5 months ago

    yo could you tell me the keys? nice sample btw

    Reply by Amusan

    Yea man. the chords are: Eb Minor 9, Gb minor 9, Bb minor 9, Gb minor 9, Eb minor 9, E minor 9, Eb Minor 9

    Eb Minor 9, Gb minor 9, Faug7#9, Bb7b9, Eb minor 9

  4. karmicvirtue
    karmicvirtue on Sat 25th Apr 2020 - 5 months ago good sample

  5. ari88
    ari88 on Thu 30th Jan 2020 - 8 months ago

    hey was wondering if you would be ale to create a specific loop for me with your sax? I have a whole song produced and recorded already but i feel its missing something.

    Reply by Amusan

    hey sorry for the late reply this was used w a plugin. As realistic as it sounds, i think getting an actual sax player would do wonders. Cant beat the real thing

  6. eastslopegremlin
    eastslopegremlin on Sun 22nd Dec 2019 - 10 months ago

    Love this so much ! do u know what key its in ?

    Reply by Amusan

    Bb Minor

  7. Vlakoosh
    Vlakoosh on Wed 18th Dec 2019 - 10 months ago

    I see that you like Samsara saxofone plugins

    Reply by Amusan

    actually i didnt know samsara made a sax plugin. I dont usually like their VSTis cuz i think they sound cheap, which is expected for free ones ig. The one i use is SWAM, unlike most VSTis, theirs is like based on algorithms. Sounds much more professional n realistic (but also kinda expensive)

    BLACKMANSTA10 on Tue 10th Dec 2019 - 10 months ago

    Yo, you have a fantastic talent. I hope what I did to it keeps its same feel in lofi hip hop. :)

    Reply by Amusan

    Hey man that track was fire, glad you find my stuff useful. Got urself a new follower my guy!

  9. yopierr
    yopierr on Sun 24th Nov 2019 - 11 months ago

    Amazing sample, Thanks alot!

    Reply by Amusan

    Thanks man, beat sounds fuckin sick!

  10. ZiplockBag
    ZiplockBag on Sun 10th Nov 2019 - 11 months ago

    Love the soul. Used it in a track.

    Reply by Amusan

    dang bro never wouldve thought to chop it like that! Nice job

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