Description : Cmaj7, Emin13, Fmaj9, Dmin7, G7.

Some more jazz and rnb piano. If you use this, Id love to hear what you've made.

Mellow Rhodes E Minor 110 BPM by Amusan has received 17 comments since it was uploaded.

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

  1. imdiogenes
    imdiogenes on Tue 23rd Apr 2019 - 3 years ago

    super mellow loop, i love it

  2. 5mayes
    5mayes on Sun 31st Mar 2019 - 3 years ago Thanks for the loop ^^

  3. larsHH
    larsHH on Fri 25th Jan 2019 - 3 years ago

    amzaing loop g, hope u fck with this

    Reply by Amusan

    yo Nice beat, j.coles really an inspiration

  4. ZayBeezy
    ZayBeezy on Thu 17th Jan 2019 - 3 years ago

    Check out the instrumental thnx a lot

    Reply by Amusan

    yo no prob nice work!

  5. blackcharlesxxx
    blackcharlesxxx on Sat 1st Dec 2018 - 3 years ago

    used again. thank u sir :)

  6. perymaysin
    perymaysin on Sat 22nd Sep 2018 - 3 years ago

    Really enjoy your loops man. Quality. Thanks for making them available. Check out this remix I did for Jonwayne using this loop.


  7. blackcharlesxxx
    blackcharlesxxx on Tue 4th Sep 2018 - 3 years ago


    Reply by Amusan

    yea man no doubt. thanks for usin it in the mix

  8. Steezstrgl
    Steezstrgl on Sun 5th Aug 2018 - 3 years ago i think i made something... thanks for the loop man

    Reply by Amusan

    Youre welcome man. and dude the filtering on here brought the track to a whole new level.

  9. aackiq
    aackiq on Fri 15th Jun 2018 - 4 years ago

    Reply by Amusan

    Hey man nice vocals, theres alot of texture here man, pretty cool

  10. drury
    drury on Sun 20th May 2018 - 4 years ago


    Reply by Amusan

    thanks man

  11. GiGiSwan
    GiGiSwan on Wed 16th May 2018 - 4 years ago

    Thank you for such haunting beauty! I am a beginning player and I tried the chords you mentioned, but it's not sounding anything like yours. Any advice?

    Reply by Amusan

    Hey sorry I just saw this. I like to use minor and major 7ths alot when it comes to chords. I think if you want to start testing out what they sound like, go to a random chord generator and just add a seventh to the chords. Major sevenths are one note below the next octave and minor sevenths are two notes below the octave. I you have any more questions message me!

  12. mk12345
    mk12345 on Wed 16th May 2018 - 4 years ago dope loop man

    Reply by Amusan

    hey i like how glitchy and random this is. kinda adds to the chill vibe. Thanks sounds cool!

  13. JSalazar509
    JSalazar509 on Mon 7th May 2018 - 4 years ago

    Keep up the good work. I've checked out all of your loops and they've gotten better with time

    Reply by Amusan

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback, also this is really cool!

  14. vilerodrigues97
    vilerodrigues97 on Sun 6th May 2018 - 4 years ago little reverse on it

    Reply by Amusan

    yo this some stuff i could vibe to. Nice job sounds tight!

  15. ethanhlew
    ethanhlew on Fri 4th May 2018 - 4 years ago

    thanks for the sick upload man. made a lofi beat outta it

    Reply by Amusan

    Hey man this is sick, really off kilter snd just a cool vibe all together

  16. Riiivera
    Riiivera on Wed 2nd May 2018 - 4 years ago

    this loop is dope as fuck yo thanks for uploading it,

    Reply by Amusan

    yo you have some interesting drums here, nice dude

  17. Dalo254
    Dalo254 on Mon 30th Apr 2018 - 4 years ago thanks for the loop bruh

    Reply by Amusan

    Woah that was fast, and the title is accurate too! Love that one drum fill you had in the middle man, noice!

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