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Description : Drums for dubstep/hybrid trap with crazy hi hats and rides.
Description : comment or message therealnickwood/ GameChangers Music Group
Description : I70 mouse is some inspiration...get it
Description : Made in Sytrus a while back, comment if you use, i'd love to see what you come up with...
Description : Hope usable
Description : Made in FL studio 12.
Description : Compose this drum loop in FL studio, you can also mix to your own taste. Epic drum type loop No limit to creativeness.
Description : Dirty hard synth, could be used for electro, dubstep, trap or sped up for dnb.
Description : This Is a beat you can use as the basis for Trap music or whatever. The track Key is G, and the BPM is 80, for those of you who didn't see that information before. Please leave links to the songs you make with this sample below!
Description : I drank grape juice while making this. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : Moody synth keys. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : Whistle dark
Description : Piano sombre
Description : ya yeet!
Description : Made in android 5.1 with G Stomper Studio. Custom made loop.
Description : made in fl studios
Description : Mastered, booming drum loop at 140BPM
Description : Quick loop i made, with some inspiration from the song 'Cinderella' by Mac Miller, Leave a link if you use this for something, thanks.
Description : Made in FL Studio 12. I made the loop in 140 Bpm, then used a Gross beat with 1/2 step to make it sound like it does now. I'm afraid that it's not in 140 Bpm, but i have no clue what tempo it could be. Sorry.
Description : Similar to Best Friend, used sakura for harp
Description : contact GameChangers Music Group for more info. hit us with a comment or a message
Description : Bless you
Description : Pretty straightforward pluck, good for chill, trap maybe hip hop. EQ used to soften it a bit, Reverb added to make it feel more "Airy"
Description : enjoy
Description : YA YA YA YA
Loops 1 - 25 of 5303
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