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Description : man was i bored

Description : From some of his Bay Area and RnB records.No effects added.

Description : trap loop with 808,clap,snare,hats and kick

Description : Been years since I've uploaded so i'll try to upload when i get a chance. Heres something to put in the stash or play around with.

Description : its part of a track that I never put out

Description : This is a Drum Loop for YG Type Style Beats.Includes Kick, Clap, Hihat, Percs.

Description : Drums for the 'Clarity' series. Hi-hat roll at the end. Spinz 808, basic pattern that follows the kick. Clap too, nothing fancy in these drums. You can add vox and open hats over it if you find it necessary.

Description : Basic Drums. Cliche clap, drum pattern goes with the other long run stuff i posted, this one has the classic taliban perc in the thirds.

Description : This massive loops is a combination of lofi kick, hats,snare, bit crusher,cymbals and clap.

Description : This is the most complex trap beat I've ever made it includes:

Crow SFX
Beep SFX
Closed Hi-Hats
Open Hi-Hats
A PHAT 808
"Aye" Chant
Crowd Chant

Description : -Includes 808 (in either C or D)
-Simple Clap (placed on 3rd of each measure)
-Closed Hat (singled out on second measure)
-Open Hat (placed on 2nd of each measure)

Show me what you guys can do with these drums!

Description : - A really nice trap beat, I feel like something out of sync- Tell me
-Another one i made in minutes. Includes a bouncy and solid 808, open and closed hats, clap and snares, rimshots and kicks.
-Share what you create!

Description : -A nice beat with open and closed hats, as well as some snares, a clap, a few kicks, and the occasional rimshot. Nice bouncy 808.

-Share what you create with it!
-First loop.

Description : juicy clap hall from omnisphere

Description : as requested by the fans

best if used in key of B minor

additional 808 and kick part if wanted, comment

Description : i dont know

Description : Just the Claps.

Description : Some beat box with a clap over the snare

Description : Clap loop rerecorded through a Sony cassette player.
For Lo-Fi Hip Hop or Lo-Fi House.

Description : Was originally used for a kinda trapmetal beat but I'm way too impatient to finish that crap.
has snare, clap, 808,some random thingy

Description : Just a little bit of Riddim style drums for you guys with layered clap/snare and some chants, comment what you made with this. I'd love to hear them.

Description : Sounds are from the Nick Mira "Contra" drumkit:
Baands 808
Eighty Clap
Sameold HH
OsmosisJones Kick
Paint Snare

Description : Clap Melbourne Bounce

Description : on my bass there is a sond that sounds like a clap or a drum its not im using 2 pitch shifters with tremlo wich is a switch sound from pedal its just bass guitar and pedals

Description : Just some claps from that beat.


Loops 1 - 25 of 443
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