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Description : This loop is similar (but not identical; I normally would've used different snares and sweeps) to the drums I (Lycan) typically use in my drops. Made from a combination of samples from Arcade, KSHMR and Jason Donnelly.

Description : Same as the other but there's a cutoff kinda automation.

Description : A really simple pluck with that "Faxing Berlin", Deadmau5 Kind of vibe.

Description : Simple progressive violin melody
Bass notes: (C,A#,G,G#)
Comment if used!

Description : -Krispy-
Soft and progressive piano melody.
-Use the social's on my profile to contact me for any custom loops, collabs, placements, etc.-

Description : Bass Progressive loop of a series of 5

Description : Root Notes: f,d,f,g. Progressive ambient piano loop for juice wrld. Click on photo for more incl socials.

Description : ROOT NOTES:A#,D,C. Guitar Piano loop Click on photo + leave in comments what you made please!!!!!

Description : enjoy this progressive key :) if you'd like the midi please visit my profile and message one of the links there

Description : Enjoy! If you'd like the midi visit my profile and send me a message on one the links great for pop songs and progressive leads

Description : A progressive house drop lead I made using serum , sytrus and Harmor.

Description : building off the previous loop using shaperbox2

Description : chops up nicely for unique arrangements

Description : Pop Guitar Line.
Would love to hear what you do with this!

Description : Progressive Trap Harp

Description : Progressive Trap - Pad Synth

Description : Progressive Trap

Description : Progressive RnB Loop

Description : I was playing around with this one shot and then THIS happenend. I don´t know how to describe it, but it sounds kinda dope. Do whatever you want with it and pls let me know what you guys n gals did (lol).
d#min key (aeolian scale), 128 BPM
enjoy :D

Description : This is some random impact I made for future bass, progressive house, melodic dubstep, deep house, and general edm tracks. Let me know if I'm wrong about the key.

Description : Comment if you made anything
DM me for stems

Tags: rhodes, sad, horror, scary, blues, pop, chord, progressive

Description : Synth Chords

Description : Progressive emotional loop.
Post Malone x Lil Peep x Other
Wanna find me on socials? Look my profile page.
Show me your beats made with this loop.

Description : This progressive melody loop makes use of some interesting chords and a plucked synth. There is also some reverb, delay, and dimensional expansion. Add it to your next EDM intro or build to give your track more movement.

As always, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions to improve on future loops. Feel free to leave a link to your creations in the comments.

Description : Contact if you need chords ;)
Also put link if u make anything with this loop.

Loops 1 - 25 of 270