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Description : Powerful meodic dubstep drop for your mixing!

Description : This is my experimental dubstep drop from my one-shot samples.

Description : Powerful riddim dubstep drop synth. Used NI Massive and compressors + Fruity Parametric EQ 2.

Description : Powerful riddim dubstep drop. Used NI Massive and compressors.

Description : These are good synths for dubstep drop.

Description : BASSSSSSSSSS

Description : A drop I made earlier.

Description : Made a riddim focused drop

Description : I made a more riddim focused second drop for ya

Description : This is a fully produced drop, FOR FREE YO. if you use it i want to see how it was used...

Description : I was trying to make a bass house drop but I sped it up to 140 and now it sounds like a dubstep drop

Description : A little something i worked on in Serum

Description : Send me songs you make with this.

Description : Send me songs you make with this.

Description : Send me songs you make with this.

Description : Shove this behind a bass pattern to fill empty space.

Description : Older drop. Enjoy

Description : A quick thing a did. Made with only stock plugins from FL Studio.

Key is D
Minor-(Aeolion) Scale

Description : 4 Bar
Chopin Remake (B-Flat Minor)

I Defiantly would love to hear how you use this

VSTs Used...

Description : This 8 Bar loop will suit anykind of Dubstep Drop in the mix! =)

Description : This is another dope Dubstep Drop Loop! ENJOY!!! =)

Sounds like the bass heavy and fast paces of Skrillex! :)

Description : This is another decent Dubstep Drop Loop for your kickass productions! ENJOY!!! =)

Description : Something I made in fl studio as well, and lost inspiration to finish...
The saw stabs are just normal super saws you make with any synth.
the lead layering it is just a drowned saw with vibrato and some pitch automations here and there.
The growls are.. well.. made with serum.
The pluck is just a sine wave distorted and.. yeah with ott.

Description : Some vocal chops I made long ago with fl studio, slicex and a lot of effects.
You'll maybe have to post process it depending in what you're looking for.
Tried this in a melodic dubstep drop, and it fits quite ok.
(By the way, the vocal chops were made by me saying random words, editing pitch, stretching, etc..)

Description : Back again for a 10th one.. Made with Serum and FL Studio.
Let me know if ya use it! I'd love to hear what you make with it! :3

Loops 1 - 25 of 256
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