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Description : show me ur work =)

Description : Hey! Please let me know if you have used this loop!
Feel free to hit me up on Instagram (click profile picture)
Suitable for artists like: Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, 808Melo, King Von, Sheff G.

Description : Trap, melodic Trap, Drop Lead

Description : Energy Electro House loop for your future project.

Description : check my profile for more.
pitched up 300 cents.

Description : im going to share some arabian drums that i made in FL.
it can be useful in your trap/hiphop and rap beats.
enjoy and comment down what you made.

Description : Made with serum flp.
Japan style sound to Arabian loop. Peace,stay home :D

Description : (throw away what you do)
If you want to contact me. my social media accounts are in my profile
Please leave a link if you use

Description : but sometimes i gotta do the haram cause of the environment doe :/.

Description : Sine bells, SY arabian night 2.

Description : Made in nexus

Description : Arabian Trap - Drop Lead

DAW used: FLStudio
Plugin used: Xfer Serum

Hope you like it

Description : link your creations kids

Description : made with aarabian nigths from nexus 2

Description : I Want You To Kill It Wit this Its 160 BPM On Key A

Description : Made using EastWest SILK VSTi

Description : It made this and thought it sounds so much better with the other Arabian loops! i hope you like it :)

Description : lol i thought it would sound awesome if i add a second lead with the same sound design, same key, but !MOAR! distortion and a harder melody!! ok sry i hope you like it :)

Description : It includes a tight clap and a hard Pryda snare at the end :) I hope you like it! It sounds awesome with the Arabian drop Kick!

Description : I tried to remake the drop sound of "Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE". I just used the nexus muted trumpet Lead preset, added a lot of distortion, putted some hard compressors on it and cutted the things that sounded bad :) I hope you like it! It fits perfectly to the other Arabian things i made!

Description : Some hard Arabian drop bass with sidechain effect that should sound like that in the drop of "Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE". I hope you like it! It fits perfectly to the other Arabian things :)

Description : Some hard Melbourne Bounce Kick. I tried to make it sound like in the drop of "Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE". I hope you like it, it fits perectly to the other Arabic things I made :)

Description : I record this sound from drumpad app
i use it before in one of my tracks and it was called Eastern
i hope u can use it like i use it :)
Bar 1 : F , short A# ,short G# ,short A
Bar 2 : F , A# , G# , G
Bar 3 : F , short A# ,short G# ,short A
Bar 4 : F , A# , G# , G

You can modify the audio clip to fit any Tempo

Description : If you use this loop, please leave a comment with a link to your song. Notes: E - D - C - G - C - D (Sorry for 101 BPM)

Description : Send me your work!

Loops 1 - 25 of 28
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