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Description : My first Kick made with Sytrus and without other plugin effects added.I know,maybe too much distortion.No hate

Description : Extremely processed hardcore kick with high amounts of distortion.
Enable Cut Itself
Tempo:160 or over

Description : No description
Default tempo:160BPM or over
Use cut itself if is need.

Description : Hardcore kick made from zero with a clean sound.
Default tempo:160 BPM

Description : Kick & Bass enjoy

Description : Kick & bass enjoy

Description : Kick & Bass Enjoy

Description : Kick & Bass Enjoy

Description : Kick & bass Enjoy

Description : Default tempo: 130 BPM.

Description : Default tempo:130 BPM.
Made from a 909 drums pack.

Description : Default Tempo:166 BPM or over 166.
Pitch can be set around -80 cents or normal.
Multiplicator(Time stretch): 100%(Standard) - Max:130 or 200% If you use kick over 130% then use together with pitch knob
You can adjust Boost and option "Swap Stereo" for much more clear sound.
Kick was made from zero by me.

Description : LIL PUMP x DIPLO STYLE HORN STAB (WELCOME TO THE PARTY). Lil Pump would smash this one.

Description : Just a simple kick maded by me
195 BPM default.

Description : Use over 160/170 BPM(195 BPM:Default)

Description : Hardcore Kick with sound effects pre-added.
Complex Kick.
Other Settings for Fl studio 20 for this:
Boost Clip: 18% - 25%
Ring Modulation: 33%
Ring Modulation Frequency: 38%
Filter Resonance: 15%
Pogo Effect: from -100% to 15%

Description : Pitched RAW/Trance Kick.For 150 BPM or above.

Description : Custom Hardcore Kick Drum with high amounts of distorted bass.
Default tempo:150 BPM(or higher)
To adjust any settings in Fl Studio 20,set EQ(-50% or -100%) and set Boost around 30%

Description : now that´s a lot of damage!

Description : If you want to modify much more just add Izotope Trash 2,and also add "Boost around 30 50%"

Description : Post link if you use

Description : This is a bass like "One" Remix

Description : This is the basic hardps kick.

Description : Hardcore kick with distortion and pitch.130BPM default.

Description : Just a chorus part 2 from a beat

Loops 1 - 25 of 564
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