Description : Gently swinging electric piano groove in 3/4 time.

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Rasputin some feedback.

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Description : A Fender-Rhodes piano, given some FX, plays some percussive, steady chords, with the implication of a slow funk.

Harmonies: F#m7add9-------B6

Description : leme know if u use it

Description : im just kinda in my moods lately , sry for not uploading much
if you want the part b, midi, just a producer friend or even more loops like this,, feel free to hit me up on Instagram (click profile picture)

Description : Oldschool rnb trap soul vibe
i used oldschool chords with some vocals
if u need the stems or the root keys hit me up on ig

Description : alternate version of the other rhode sample, this time sped up, chopped and with extra notes for the ultimate vibe. put your beat in the comments if you used this sample. stay cool.
edit: it was too quiet so i changed the levels to make it louder.

Description : Keyscape Retro Pluck Melody wih some RC20, izotope vinyl and delay.

Description : Electric Piano from KeyZone Classic
Made on FL Studio 12
hmu for custom loops, contact info on profile

Description : A war for the Theremin has begun.

Description : Inspired by O.C.'s "Who Run It"

tags: big l, ditc, oc, lord finesse, 90s, underground rap, boom bap, Floyd the Locsmif, new york, brooklyn, 1990s, 90's, '90s

Description : Some jazzy rhodes chord chops from my Microsampler.

Description : Baby Keem, Melodic Blue, Orange Soda Shorty, Kendrick Lamar.. Top of the mornin, top of the mornin, top of the mornin, top of the mornin

Description : Just chillaxing a bit.

Description : made with a lot of love directly from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Description : Lo-Fi style rhodes loop made in Logic X using Scarbee Mark I by NI. A few light chorus and phaser effects to give it some depth. Be sure to grab the top melody loop too!

Progression is: C9 Am7 F7 G - C9 Em7/11 F7 G7

Description : Inspired by some RuneScape flashbacks of the ancient magic spells within the game.

If used, post your work - out of respect.

VST used: Dexed

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