Description : Use this however you want. I appreciate all the downloads. Show me what you make with this loop, I'll get round to checking it out.

This loop will go with other loops I have under the sub-heading "SS". This one works nicely in slow electronic atmospheric chillout.

I adapted this sound from a harmor preset. I've been using it for a while. I think it works best at the back of a slow track. It adds something different for the listener to hear as each note has subtly different outcomes.

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give MatthewForest some feedback.

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Description : Made using massive for the chords and the pluck
Vinyl static added
Be sure to share what you've made with my loops! :)

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Description : I did this loop in Fl studio, feel free to use this loop and comment what you do with it.

Description : A Dirty South Style Synth Loop

Description : trap metal melody

Description : tags: hyperpop, glitchcore, juicewrld, nick mira, internet money, sad, bladee, yung lean, whitearmor

Description : Special almost pad sounding lead

Description : (Bb7 C6 Bb7 C6)
You can substitute a7 in for the C6 if that works better for you

Description : A mix of string rush, osc bass, hit tight synth and oompa bass; done in fl 8xxl - use as you feel

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Description : Don't y'all just love that G-Funk synth ? Yeah, that's what this is all about. West Coast type synth right here. Drop a comment in the review section if y'all use it.

Thanx ! 1luv.

Description : melody with groovy

Description : Made with the 3xOsc in FL Studio 12. Let me know what you think. Harmonies in this are panned to different ears (if you can hear). This can be used in R&B, pop, etc.
Chords implied: Am, Fmaj7, Em

Description : .......

Description :