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Description : I was messing around with A dorian scale and this is what i got. Reminds me a lot of Virtual Riot song Were Not Alone. Made with Synthmaster
Description : This Drop was only made with The Pokemon Archeops' Cry (also amaura's cry by itself) and Loads of effects
Description : A project I once was going to use but I ended up not doing so. I hope the Looperman community can use it and create something from it. I hope you enjoy it

Description : chopped some sub sounding stuff i made a while ago
Description : rhythm ...
Description : Sound out of Shaver
Description : praise to the don virtual riot
Description : using what I posted yesterday besides the first growl. serumtuts
Description : 808 for tracks
Description : harmless eq ott granulizer eq comp stereo
Description : s/o to the quacktuts
Description : fourth part (rlly)(/rlly)
Description : third part (rlly)(/rlly)
Description : second part (rlly)(/rlly)
Description : first part (rlly)
Description : serum + eq
Description : trap slappin bass
Description : If you use this is a song, comment with a link because I'd love to hear it!
Description : zetta sample pack
Description : need a bit of post processing
Description : I'm bored
Description : Hi, this loop is free to use. Just say it's made by Skylleur !
I made with Serum plugin on Fl Studio 12.
Description : older feel i guess
Description : bit louder, could use more reverb
Description : i have no idea if riddim is wonky anymore lol

also am i the only one who still uses the main things in riddim basses like chorus and distortion
Loops 1 - 25 of 2221
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