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Description : Dance Halloween Music. Chorus Section.

Description : Part of my next track.

Made with 3 different sytrus plugins with FL Studio

Description : Recently added to my 'Scythe' project.

Description : Working on my bass design skills

Description : testing...
show me what you can do

Description : Not as catchy as the previous one, but oh well.

Description : Recently experienced what was nothing short of an epiphany, so I am now able to design dubstep basses!

Description : testing...

Description : Im not using it so please feel free!

Description : read the first one plss

Description : read the first one

Description : Reaching out to my DnB peeps!

Description : This is a loop from my track named "Dr Trager". It is the very first part of the bass drop. I don't know if I should upload the 2nd part or not, but let me know if y'all want the 2nd part.

Description : this is a drop

Description : Should I make a pack of riddim basses? tell me in chat.

Description : tell me what you guys think

Description : A quick thing a did. Made with only stock plugins from FL Studio.

Key is D
Minor-(Aeolion) Scale

Description : Just threw something together. Kinda sounds like a Kendrick Lamar beat idk. But enjoy! :)

Description : Wob Loop.

Description : Duke! I am your Father! Garth Fader.

Description : Drum and Bass - Possible Return for JF? Not sure yet.....Stay tuned.

Description : Wob Loop.

Description : Wob Loop.

Description : riddim?

Description : basssssssssssssssssssss

Loops 1 - 25 of 2698
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