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Description : Feel free to use this!

Send me a link if you do :)

Description : Played on my Kala Soprano Ukelele, with TAL Reverb -64. If you use it in something, send me a link! I'd love to hear it :)

Description : Quick loop.
Reply with what you do with, I'm curious.

Description : Trap ukulele
The muted sounds come from strumming the strings itself, I don't know how to remove it. Sorry.

Description : Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Description : Ukulele 123bpm

Description : Hi guys! Welcome to my youtube channel! Today we're going to starbucks and draw some abstract stuff! It's going to be so fun! Omg! Please like and subscribe for more videos like this!

Description : Clifford Essex Concert Uke aquila strings
Folky type finger picking Am

Description : Ukulele. Misc piece. Use as needed. Happy mixing! Lets get it boss.

Description : Simple progression. Ukulele with reverb.

Description : ukelele rithm latin , can u used for a intro, i make this with a real ukulele from vallarta mexico

Description : to contest

Description : Logic Pro


Description : A nice little Ukulele jingle in the Key of C that can be used for a multitude of projects, including intros, outros, etc.
I call it the "Shamoozey Uke Jingle" Have fun with it and let me know if you use it, thanks!!

I love my ukulele!!

Description : This time we scale up and down the Ukulele in C. Please let me know if you use any of my Ukulele loops! Would love to hear them in a tune or whatever. Thanks!

Description : Scaling down the Ukulele and played with love.

Description : The Ukulele is a great sounding instrument. This loop I call "scale up uke" in key of C. I'm sure it can be manipulated so there is No effects, recorded in wav format and just played raw.

Loops 151 - 168 of 168
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