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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : uh holla

Description : i made a quick beat threw the delay on the vocals and brought the vocals up to the beat so hopefully you can just throw it in your track as is btw the delay makes it dope my version on soundcloud at new5ense2015 like and subscribe update: normalized and layer removed

Description : its free dont ask me do what you want im just a great great artist that is beyond dong this to try and survive or even get paid I know im respected as an artist you could just say im part of the artist guild but no mix this in deep house or somethin man or woman

Description : made this whole production in 30 min. Video uploaded to youtube search shawn dehorney where does the time go like and subscribe :)

Description : soundcloud new5ense2015

Description : soundcloud new5ense2015

Description : new5ense2015 check my soundcloud for originals likes and reposts makes me smile

Description : thanks for the support. I think I got my mojo back.

Description : This song is inspired by the Honda CBR I bought last week. Photo on SoundCloud new5ense2015

Description : collaborat0R

Description :
beat by grisley

Description : Recorded to Yo Gotti- Rake it up instrumental

Description : In memory of my dad that passed away in 2016. recorded to Alicia Keys unthinkable instrumental

Description : Everybody can sell my work here and make money off it. No contracts needed just ball out. You heard a hit song in my vocal and make it happen, I salute you, get what is due to you. I'm going to get what is due to me.

Description :
free for commercial use exclusive rights for this vocal. Let me hear it and if I like it ill sign a contract for it. not saying i don't like it or appreciate it just making it interesting. I would like my artist name in the title but its dont really care if you do or not.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 467
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