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Jungle Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : Please put REMIX in title if used. For commercial use, collabs,more exclusive vocal work contact me by visiting My Profile or Rhealentertainment AT gmail . com .
All social media profiles are K19HadToDoiT

This vocal is BMI registered and protected.Do NOT release this vocal in labels or digital music stores without a negotiation!!
If you want to use this vocal COMMERCIALLY contact me to NEGOCIATE A VALUE.

Description : Part of the 618432 release.

Two things:

1. Link to the album in your description:

(Please follow I'm brand new there).

Vid launching this - up on the 18th:

2. Put 'FEAT. NORBZ/REMIX' in your title.

NOTE: These are 432hz.

Do NOT monetize please. Make the hottest remix and I will consider publishing + profit share. If your track is chosen, I'll give you the full .wav. :)

Description : This track is called Bandz. It features Jungle Boi on the First Verse. ME (Kamoflage) on the second verse. And Yung-D on the final verse.

Please message on HERE or on facebook, or email to let me know if you use the vox, Id love to hear the work.

Description : some Jungle harmonies i sung i would love to hear what you guys make! so comment your links :) for collaborations

Description : "You Sexy Or No?" has that spicy hot club, dance, jungle and EDM flavor with an

accent of Latin spices. This is a fun song! Great for dancing and working out!

Description : was going to use it myself and got side tracked my first acapella upload

Tags : 120 bpm | Hip Hop | 5.27 MB

Description : I'm not sure for the tempo,so you'll need to find by yourself. sorry

Description : I don't remember exactly the tempo, but it was put on a jungle track, and it can be used for a dance track. I'd say about 120-130.

The song is about asking what the heck life is about. Is there really a meaning or an answer. Maybe, there isn't. Maybe, that's all there is.

I always sing full on and no wavy stuff. It keeps the words clear, flowing and on target. You'll feel the passion in this vocal. I got intro and middle chorus.

It can be used for Drumn N Bass, Jungle beats, Dance. You use it the way you wish.

If you do use it, drop me a message. I'd like to hear your end result. Cheers.

Acapellas 1 - 8 of 8
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