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Description : Starts from D4 to A5 Falsetto
Description : Just a happy vibe!
Description : Credit me and Zano in your production if you use our voice! #KaCajun #Zano The Party Track! Everybody Jump Up to get down 1 OF 14 acapellas you can get Now on www.Looperman.com https://soundcloud.com/kacajun
Description : auto tune vocoder vocal but my beat reminds me of mario bros when you jump to the flag :) here it is https://soundcloud.com/new5ense2015/okay-alright
Description : This acapella is NOT FREE! If you want to use it non-commercially please add feat. mhyst in the title. If you want to use it commercially please contact me here or visit my website at www.mhyst.net
Description : if used include feat metaled in the title
Description : if used put feat metaled in the title
Description : club party song enjoy :)
Description : dance house electro trance type of pella enjoy :)
Description : a fun club track
Description : This is a song that you might hear some old guy sing in an Irish pub in Ireland. Its a song about the demon drink Cider. If you started singing like this in a United Sates bar,if not Irish, you would get some funny looks!

If you're an old Irish rapper, feel free to use it in the mix, I know you'll give me a mention!


Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!
Acapellas 1 - 11 of 11
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