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Child Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : tempo is 120 mi minor - E- mol - The stress in rhythm falls on the second beat - so yoUng and yet - so strOng
you wAnt to be alOne
come hEre - embrAce me - chIld
my Arms are wArm and mIld - etc.
So - you shouldn't put this on rhythm automatically - better - manually - better put it on 6/8 - but also comes nicely on 4/4

Description : These lyrics originally went with a mid tempo ragga hop dancehall track. I'm not sure of the tempo.
This is part of my new digging in the crates cipher for looperman friends and supporters.

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Revolutionaryart Productions

Description : Simple Child, or Scorn Not His Simplicity, written by Irishman Phil Coulter and narrated here by Shamoozey. Please send a review copy and feat. Shamoozey in your title remix. Thanks!

Description : Singing soul music-Please give credit to Djjackiejack if use

Description : Hey Sexshe is what you get when you mix crazy comedy with techno dance music. It's just a fun song! So enjoy "Hey Sexshe "You So Silly"..

This child like character is trying to crack jokes and talk to this old man who is hard of hearing. Then the old man starts to tell the kid his old silly story LOL. The beat is remarkable at 145 Beats Per Minute and KSu is the alter ego of a very well known poet and producer can you guess who?

Description : Spoken Word and Hip Hop Fusion talking spitting and transmitten the truth about the state of the black man, woman and child with a cold freestyle by no other than the premier spoken word poet Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme Amen

Description : A Song By William Gammon

Description : Feat Igor Pose.

Description : A song about what happens to child molesters. . .

Description : A song about a child's nightmare. . .

Description : Again, a wonderful evening was had by all. Here is the child of grace, my Son Kieran with Burn One Down.Please add some music to this pella, he has a good voice and I want to give him some incentive to join Looperman on his own. Thanks!

Description : My Son Sings... sound like the first part is him recounting being disciplined at daycare... sings wheels on the bus and other random child thoughts.
No real BPM here. If it gets used I would love to hear it... if your going to credit, credit aeden or knowkontrol

Description : Its been a while! A new Irish brogue acapella. Its a sad song but cute. Hope you like and can use it somewhere in your musical endeavors. Cheers!

Description : this was my very first autotune after my voice finally broke.... yay no more anoying 16 year old cracky voice.. still autotuned but if you want a natural speak up. pce... MmillieMilo.... oh!!! and the child voice is mine too... pitch and phaser with a hint of reverb... mmmmmmmm yummy...; pce.

Description : Destiny's child--verse off of my Mix cd: Unauthorized Exclusive--A LIVE verse that is fire. I put the whole joing up so you can pick and choose what you wanna clip to make a hook--2 minute of clap-on for you to choose! Support the underground!

Description : All the voices you hear in this track are mine.

Description : This gives awarness for mental health issues. A mother struggling with post partum depression trying not drown her child

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Tags : 106 bpm | Hip Hop | 3.45 MB

Description : this a track i did but never finished id like to hear what some one can do with it.its got my folks problem child at the intro

Acapellas 1 - 18 of 18
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