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Description : If used,PLEASE title as "Remix" ad do NOT put "Ft, Feat or Featuring". For commercial use, exclusive vocals, features and collabs contact
Description : Girl got class like Barbara Streisand! We bout to bounce! Just add ft. Jozzua Lance to whatever you do. Hit me up if you need anything.
Description : booty song bounce vibe
Description : Credit me in your production if you use my voice!
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The Party Track! Everybody Throw It Up
Description : nice blend of club vibes and old style bounce!

accapellas are for promotional use only for permission/agreement to use them commercially email
Description : i made this for the club
Description : bounce baby
Description : that bounce remix
Description : a project that I decided to finish
Description : Booty Track
Description : This is the vocals from a track that is on my EP Muddy Ozark Waters. I worked on this track with my friend Fnomenon. We wanted to bounce off the Muddy Waters vocal in the instrumental and include him in our lyrics. Check out my discography at to hear the original version.
Acapellas 1 - 11 of 11
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