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16th Aug 2021 21:23 - 2 years ago

Search Rating : 7.76

Description : SEND ME WHAT YOU'V DONE, if I like I'l pay for it
Lyrics are in portuguese and vocals are mixed.
BPM: 128
KEY: Db Minor
7th Apr 2019 12:54 - 5 years ago

Search Rating : 7.76

Description : EQ's + Reverb + Comp + bit of Delay. There is no autotune. I was recording it for BPM 128, I believe the key is F.

Please mention me in your track (feat Ksufus), mention in the description my SC\Ig (@ksufus) and share the link here in the comments.
Do NOT release this vocal before negotiation.
If you want to use this vocal COMMERCIALLY, please contact me through SC\IG\email to discuss details.
3rd Jan 2014 04:48 - 10 years ago
Tags : 128 bpm
2.97 MB
Has Lyrics
Key : G
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Search Rating : 7.76

Description : 128 BPM
Progressive House!
NOTE: Only Electronica Tracks from this Acapella!
Note G
Acapellas (3)