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Description : Free (Creative Commons) acapella of my verse to Meek Mill's Levels.

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Remember when you spit theres levels to this s**t
I'm forever doing this I'm never gonna quit
No challenge lifting feathers when you lift
Well I'll tell you I'm a rebel when I spit
You believe you're sweet and you tell me what you think
I say okay but you stay the same- the flavours the same
Everytime I pick, like minstrels, I'm forever gonna switch
You never know what you're gonna get so I'm like revels in this s**t!
Flows are switched thats forever gonna stay
The reason why there's levels in this game
And wherever you've gone
Remember there's always levels beyond
You'll unlock when the level is won
Therefore this games the same as a Nintendo one
At the end you'll walk into a big boss
And this time I'm not talking Rick Ross
But the strength of the Maybach- don't think about laying back
You will fail rap if you didn't cross
Its maybe the case you're never gonna win
If you didn't first time- same over
There's levels to this s**t
Like the level you just quit- game over



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Description : This is a jazz 'pella I created some time ago. It has a "back in the day" feel to it Think Ella, NKC, Tony Bennet, Carmen McCrae, et al. I especially uploaded this one for all the jazz producers here on Looperman. I am very interested in hearing what they do with it.

The lyrics and melody have been copyright protected, and is only for non-commercial use. Your work using this acapella should not be distributed, and should only be uploaded to Looperman as a non-download.

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