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Usage : FarishaMusic did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Another simple, fun dancy type snippet. Be creative and have fun with this one :)

As always, be sure to post links in the comment section below to your mixes. I always love checking them out :) Hope you guys like it!

You guys can use it as long as it says "Feat. Farisha" in the title.

Comments (204)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

Fawalther 14th Jan 2024 18:49 -  4 months ago
Hi Farisha, I created a song from your great accapella -Rewind- which I uploaded here at looperman, soundcloud and youtube.
I hope you like it. Best regards from Cologne
mrchristian1982 24th Nov 2023 08:54 -  6 months ago
I know it looks like you haven't been active here in a few years but, I found your vocals and love them. I was pretty inspired by the lyrical theme behind the wish to rewind time, and I used that inspiration to build the track. It's a house groove with heavy bass and drum. The bass was created by duplicating my bass line and then reversing the duplicate. The resulting bass is super funky and strange sounding, very thick. Then there's no synth pads on the bridge and chorus, I did the same thing to your voice - duplicated and reversed, then applied some spacey effects. It ends up with this cool surreal, etherial sound. Congrats, I bent your voice into sounding like a synth.

Before publishing, I sent this to a friend who described it as "sounds like someone had a fever dream about a Dua Lipa song that doesn't exist." If you see this, enjoy.
jon2105 23rd Oct 2023 02:24 -  7 months ago
rexionmix12 21st Jun 2023 21:38 -  11 months ago
drkank 18th Apr 2023 23:23 -  1 year ago
Hey! Here is a drum and bass version I made using your sample. Im still new to music production but here you go. Hope you like it
Conamix 19th Jan 2023 00:03 -  1 year ago
Farisha, I´d really tried to figure out, wich style would fit your vocals. In the end I was quite sure, that just a mix of dub and old pop can do this. So here it is:

Best one! ;)
A7mad 15th Oct 2022 21:21 -  1 year ago
thx for vocals :)
here is my version
DJHeroSoft 3rd Oct 2022 08:34 -  1 year ago
Hello my interpretation of Rewind with Farisha.
Have fun..
PeterLazer 9th Aug 2022 11:34 -  1 year ago
Hi Everyone, Peter Lazer here.
Thanks for those stunning vocals.

Here they are in action in my track "Dark Secrets"

Keep it up you all.
Radoshar 3rd Jul 2022 20:58 -  1 year ago
And now a pop version for the charts!!
Vocals and Lyrics by Farisha
Music produced by Larry Hruby
Soundcloud link:
YouTube link:
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.
raps0die 23rd Jun 2022 01:07 -  1 year ago
Eclipsen7 14th Feb 2022 12:28 -  2 years ago
Thank you, you have a beautiful voice.
here's my remix:
drTomeKoyo 7th Feb 2022 20:24 -  2 years ago
Hy Farisha, here is my mix - you have beautifull voice.

Best regards from Croatia!
Cabilo 15th Oct 2021 19:06 -  2 years ago
thanks for the vocals :)
ewirr 3rd Sep 2021 22:41 -  2 years ago
Akashirex 16th Jun 2021 06:01 -  2 years ago
MadBoneDJ 28th Apr 2021 20:58 -  3 years ago
Hi Farisha, this is my version of Rewind it's a Tech House Pop Song:
whit Music Video :O
Eclipsen7 18th Oct 2020 17:38 -  3 years ago
shakeel97 18th Jun 2020 18:44 -  3 years ago
arpit22 25th Apr 2020 07:32 -  4 years ago

Hey please listen to my track.. Really enjoyed the vocals, keep up the good work and also it would really be helpful if you can provide a valuable feedback too :)
alexzydro 25th Apr 2020 02:33 -  4 years ago
Nice Acapella!! here my music
pavlikse 3rd Apr 2020 16:49 -  4 years ago
Hi, thanks for your vocals!
Here is the result: https: //
hakankayar874 27th Mar 2020 22:44 -  4 years ago
Very good and very nice thanks Farisha :)
Bravei 15th Mar 2019 17:59 -  5 years ago
Here's my version, very different, I hope you like it:
Dogmatic7 5th Jan 2019 22:42 -  5 years ago
Hi Farisha,

thank you for your melodious acapellas, I love your voice and way of singing!

Hope you enjoy my DancePop-Version of "Rewind".
I didn't just add your sample to a finished track. I first heared your acapella and THEN arranged and produced the whole track.
nikelevmusic 12th Sep 2018 17:51 -  5 years ago
zeutotof 26th Jun 2017 23:13 -  6 years ago
Hoangphuc2002 16th Jun 2017 16:08 -  6 years ago
A bass house banger with your beautiful voice :)

Also can you tell me the lyrics? I can't seem to figure it out :P
AV2life 4th May 2017 16:07 -  7 years ago
Chrisoli 26th Mar 2017 20:13 -  7 years ago
And what a beautiful voice you have. I hope you like my track!
DJayAnthor 23rd Mar 2017 08:27 -  7 years ago
You're on SPOTIFY, again! Thanks for riding with me on this one. Excellent work, If I come up big, you will be on payroll, no doubt. Thank you for your amazing contribution.
Tomyd1953 24th Jan 2017 08:51 -  7 years ago

Very nice Vocals

Dynamic greetings from Dresden Germany :-)
mtmax 22nd Oct 2016 09:05 -  7 years ago
Here is my music and arrangement for Rewind Snippet - Martin Axelsson ft Farish

Hope you like it :)

stattara55 21st Sep 2016 06:31 -  7 years ago
Hi Ferisha i make little edm track whit your vocals. If you want check that out

Hope You Like That.
Fayz 19th May 2016 05:00 -  8 years ago
Hit Rewind ft Farisamusic:
great vocals! Hope you like my spin
twedt 27th Apr 2016 22:17 -  8 years ago
Thanks for the beautiful vocal!

I used it in my song; Wine. Perfect voice!
JLPUENTES 17th Mar 2016 00:51 -  8 years ago
e30driving 17th Feb 2016 18:12 -  8 years ago
Hello, beautiful voice... so i made it :

Hope you like it, leave me a feedback if you have the time.

hexated 29th Nov 2015 21:15 -  8 years ago
Hey, you have a great voice! I hope you enjoy what I made of it :)
suprince 12th Sep 2015 20:20 -  8 years ago
Hi Farisha ,

I realled liked your work i am glad to have worked with your voice here is my take on this

do let me know if u liked my work and plz do upload more of ur inspirational wrk

would love to work from scratch with you on a song if possible ty
PushyGlamour 1st Sep 2015 02:29 -  8 years ago
Catdriver 31st Jul 2015 12:26 -  8 years ago
AtlusBeat 25th Jul 2015 11:21 -  8 years ago
I did a track here:

Check it out and leave a comment with your opinions :D
axelgaming16 5th Jul 2015 03:09 -  8 years ago
Hi farisha :) , I made this song hope you will enjoy with it (If we can do some private massages I have somethings to talk with you)
LastGate 1st Jul 2015 18:48 -  8 years ago
LastGate 1st Jul 2015 18:46 -  8 years ago
Hi! Here is my remix:

I hope you like it.
Thanks for the lyrics!
Christiaan5 30th Apr 2015 18:24 -  9 years ago
Hello Farisha,
It was nice to work with your acapella.
I hope you like it.
Check it out!
seriousboy17 11th Apr 2015 19:53 -  9 years ago
Hi , Thanks for the great acapella , here is what i madae with your voice :

hope you enjoy
newjackmusic 8th Apr 2015 18:15 -  9 years ago
fekasgt 20th Mar 2015 14:58 -  9 years ago
Censtudios 17th Mar 2015 11:57 -  9 years ago

Thanks for the vocals, I really enjoyed working on this track
Censtudios 12th Mar 2015 13:33 -  9 years ago
My drum & bass track with this vocal snippet.

Actually a snippet of the snippet since I didn't use all of your vocals for it :)
ivandumadj 24th Feb 2015 21:56 -  9 years ago
and hit rewind
My Song Farisha Send Me a Message
djespin 20th Feb 2015 19:31 -  9 years ago
Hi Farisha,

I love your voice and the work you did on the background vocals of "Rewind". This acapella had enough melodic use for a freestyle project I was looking to do so I remixed it as a Pop/Freestyle song in an attempt to help bring back this genre that went underground years ago. The intent was to mold the music around the energy of your vocals as if you intentionally wrote the lyrics for the music I produced. I hope you like it and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Tyrone17 18th Feb 2015 06:05 -  9 years ago
Hers my remix...Its trap and very "In the pocket". Enjoy cx
Olegnov 15th Feb 2015 15:15 -  9 years ago
Farish Hello! With your permission, I use a capella for your track.
Be sure to show you when it's ready. Sounds great! Bravo!
syafiqjack 10th Feb 2015 09:51 -  9 years ago
Check out what I did with the vocal ! thx!
lilyundwolf 29th Dec 2014 06:14 -  9 years ago
Insomnia2015 22nd Dec 2014 04:15 -  9 years ago
Hey thanks for the vocals! Mixing here from Austin TX. Check out my new channel with 2 tracks feat. Farisha. Zombie and Rewind. KEEP EM COMING!!
StylesMusic1 4th Dec 2014 19:45 -  9 years ago
Thanks Farisha for giving us this snippet. Of course I put some music to's what I do. Love the lyrics, great recording and a beautiful voice. I hope you enjoy the mix.
geishaproductions 20th Nov 2014 22:52 -  9 years ago
Hey Farisha,
Thanks for this. I made this as a preview for some Norwegian russ, so please excuse the ultracommercial result hehe. It's a dance song with a sax and all. ;-)
karl36 2nd Nov 2014 10:46 -  9 years ago
elo! et merci pour cette jolie voix!
je me suis permis de la poser sur une de mes musique que l'on peu écouter sur mon sondcloud music!
big up!
djtitanjr 15th Sep 2014 15:07 -  9 years ago
DJ Titan Jr - Rewind (feat. Farisha)
bLuECoDe 31st Jul 2014 21:32 -  9 years ago
Ok, this is the final version of Rewind ft. Farisha [indigo boy version]. Hope you will enjoy it. Plz leave a comment. Cheers from Magallanes, Chile, Southamerica.
bLuECoDe 30th Jul 2014 21:00 -  9 years ago
Heya Farisha, cheers from Punta Arenas, Magallanes, Chile, Southamerica. This is my third song i made using your amazing voice in a capella. Hope your enjoy it and leave a comment plz. C ya around in the next song. Bye!!!
DeM0niX 24th Jul 2014 00:30 -  9 years ago
Here's my attempt. Thanks for listening:
coolsurf 8th Jul 2014 14:58 -  9 years ago
I've created a house music track with your vocals.
Thank you for providing great material.
SirAmon85 5th Jul 2014 16:08 -  9 years ago
Hey Farisha first of all your voice is breathtaking. This is what I did with your Vocal. Check out and leave a comment what you think about.
Bye for now
markov 1st Jul 2014 12:34 -  9 years ago
sharkman 27th Jun 2014 07:57 -  9 years ago
Used your voice again. Thanks.
bluesurfer1 25th Jun 2014 16:00 -  9 years ago
Looks like im not the only one to use this vocal... well here is what ive made with it. let me know what you think...
1s1s11 25th Jun 2014 13:56 -  9 years ago
Hi! Thanks for your great vocals! I used it for my new composition:
JJBC 25th Jun 2014 02:00 -  9 years ago

I just made a jumpy song with your vocals!!!! I would really LOVE to make it commercial, PLEASE LISTEN TO IT and CONTACT ME!!!!!
supermax9 14th Jun 2014 11:27 -  9 years ago
Hi, Farisha!
I used your vocal in my last dance composition (
Let me thank you for your magic voice ;)
hoagiestylez 11th Jun 2014 03:14 -  9 years ago
JJBC 6th Jun 2014 22:24 -  9 years ago

I really enjoyed working with your acapella, I would really love to make it commercial, listen to it and let me know ;)
vladoro 1st Jun 2014 09:31 -  10 years ago
hey, nice vocals, just used them for this track:
Djrayoprod 28th May 2014 22:37 -  10 years ago

your vocals are sweet! used your vocals in my latest deep house track!

go check it out and i hope you like it :)
tok1991 12th May 2014 05:09 -  10 years ago
By the way my email is if you are interested in contacting me.
tok1991 12th May 2014 03:50 -  10 years ago

OK... So I actually took my version of your track down off of my SoundCloud for a couple reasons... Number one is because the 3 out of 4 songs I have on there are actually not mastered. They are raw tracks that I intend to keep singles. The Take Me Away remix is the only professionally mastered track on my profile and is good to go on any sound system. I do intend to master the other 3 tracks as well, BUT ONLY AFTER I drop my EP Album called "MAD SCIENTIST". I only even have these songs on my SoundCloud to showcase what I have been making with far less than a year of progress. ANYWAYS. The remix I made with your snippet to me is absolutely beautiful. It is 1 of 5 other songs ready for mastering if I get approval. The reason for this rant is because I would absolutely love-love-love to use your SNIPPET of this vocal in a song on my upcoming "MAD SCIENTIST" EP Album. I've been making music for about 9 months now and this would be a milestone marker for me. I actually have about 5 tracks on the wait list for a full master rendition for the album. I just don't want to prematurely release or leak any of this album. Which is another reason I took my remix of this snippet down. Is there anyway I can send you a WAV format to listen to the song I have created with your beautiful voice? (pre masered of course)(BUT DO NOT WORRY BECAUSE IF YOU APPROVE this song has top priority for mastering) Also I know this may be down the road if even possible, but I am curious as to how you feel about people writing EDM tracks for you to write lyrics over. Whether it be House, Dubstep,Trap, Trance. You name it and I can dabble. SORRY FOR THE RANT. I just get really excited with this kind of stuff. So please find me a way to send you this wav for you to hear it! Thank you so so so much! much love
bearrules11 9th May 2014 16:26 -  10 years ago
Great Voice, but I'm making a dub step variation of this and i was just wondering if i could get a jpg of the notes so i could make a synth match. You don't have to do it but it would be very helpful
tok1991 9th May 2014 03:57 -  10 years ago
beautiful quality! HERES MY RENDITION =]
vrex34 3rd May 2014 00:29 -  10 years ago

I'm normally a hard trance producer but I found your vocal to be of professional quality. Please give it a listen!
st1nger 8th Apr 2014 12:02 -  10 years ago
Made a couple of minor edits - straightened out some rogue bass timing...
st1nger 7th Apr 2014 10:49 -  10 years ago
Excellent acapella. Here's a pop/dance track - enjoy:
aurinax 6th Apr 2014 23:03 -  10 years ago
Factix29 6th Apr 2014 19:35 -  10 years ago
Possibility to have Lyrics please?
theseb 31st Mar 2014 16:45 -  10 years ago

Thank you for best vocal...

Artquartz for Omy Head
Ritorikal 26th Mar 2014 04:02 -  10 years ago
Fl Studio decided to mess up on me while i was making this. I hope you like how it sounds so far though :)
GMO1972 25th Mar 2014 23:06 -  10 years ago
Whats up Farisha? I know you are a very busy woman,but I just had to post this comment about how I love your voice and how talented you are. I used one of your voice snippets called rewind. Hope you like it !
Kingstaw 20th Mar 2014 13:46 -  10 years ago
Here is what I made! Hope you like it!
Keen5003 9th Mar 2014 23:17 -  10 years ago
Hey, I don't know if you do this or not, but i have some vocals i would like you to sing. you make the notes, just sing the words. i can make the song fit the lyrics. The song is 140 bpm, and its dubstep.

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Should I make more of these types of acapellas?

If you create something with it, remember to put "feat. Mikamik" or something similar in the title, and comment your version (or send it to me on insta: mikamikmusic)

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27th Apr 2023 18:41 -  1 year ago
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29th Aug 2021 19:19 -  2 years ago
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For any questions please contact me in Instagram - @ruslantishenko
20th May 2019 23:45 -  5 years ago
Description : When posting song make sure it "Michael Mayo - Room (Yourname Remix)"

If you'd like to use this acapella or any parts of it commercially contact me at