21st Dec 2019 19:00 - 4 years ago
Description : Wine and Wine is a dancehall type of acapella very different style

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If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

BKMASONDO 17th Jan 2024 20:09 - 6 months ago
Here's my remix of the song...had fun making it.
Capsule76 3rd Dec 2023 12:11 - 7 months ago
Hey! Thanks for this vocal bro!
Here is my remix :
Aftabeats 10th Nov 2023 00:13 - 8 months ago
Go Stream my version of Afrobeat, leave a comment.
DSoundWorks 26th Aug 2023 13:44 - 10 months ago
Another remix for you from your african producer.
Conamix 15th Jan 2023 00:23 - 1 year ago
I Feel you, so thats why I´m good in what I´m doin!
One of the best artists on this globe.
PaulPurpleWilliams 4th Mar 2022 22:18 - 2 years ago
dsylproductions 21st Feb 2022 00:42 - 2 years ago
Looperman has this as free commercial. Hit me up if this is no longer right

DRPMuzik 10th Jan 2021 12:24 - 3 years ago
Had to revisit and EQ this fire! check it out
DRPMuzik 9th Jan 2021 19:45 - 3 years ago
Check out the heat fam

Follow Darrell Instagram @drp_the_king
DJBaltazar 18th Oct 2020 06:48 - 3 years ago
Posso estar usando comercialmente?
wilson117 11th Aug 2020 02:15 - 3 years ago thisss is shiitt........ it alreaddy existssss
TecckerMan 2nd Jun 2020 14:40 - 4 years ago
SumRndmDud 23rd May 2020 22:01 - 4 years ago
hey, so can i use this commercially? Im not sure because this sounds like an already existing full track. If I can use it, please contact me
PALLASO replied 29th Sep 2020 - 3 years ago
contact me on whatsapp +256781921 for a commercial incense
BluzChild 28th Apr 2020 22:02 - 4 years ago
This is an awsome hit song!!! I wish you much success! Here is a mix I did with your vocals!! Hope you like it. Listen to Wine And Wine ft Pallaso Remix by Ngono Beats on #SoundCloud
Aariz 19th Jan 2020 00:36 - 4 years ago
Nice vocals really good i used it for this one.
Hope you enyoj it ;)
dexta077 18th Jan 2020 04:08 - 4 years ago
Hi Pallaso, I created this beat with your voice,
hoping you like it
I would like to use it contact me, thank you;)
PALLASO replied 29th Sep 2020 - 3 years ago
contact me on whatsapp +256781921 for a commercial incense
harmonie 16th Jan 2020 08:17 - 4 years ago
Whoops, should have added that the bongo loop is by ebaby8119 here at Looperman. So you guys are in a collab...kind of, ha.
harmonie 16th Jan 2020 07:18 - 4 years ago
Wow you can sing!!
Here is what you sound like with Bongos...and towards the end, singing with yourself...
atlantisnyad 31st Dec 2019 03:09 - 4 years ago

I've made an instrumental to your acapella.

I wrote you on your soundcloud account.
Mysfyt 27th Dec 2019 17:27 - 4 years ago
This is fantastic. Going to work on something now. Will post link as soon as I'm done.
hansal 24th Dec 2019 12:00 - 4 years ago
hello pallaso, just made this – hoping you like it. best!
xyz3qt 23rd Dec 2019 17:53 - 4 years ago
Hey bro! i used your acapella. if you want to hear the track, contact me at era72(at)

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Description : this acapella is coming from one of my newest tracks im working on.

if you like to use the vocal, you can upload your track on soundcloud or yt as a remix including "Pelican Beats, Scally".

this Acapella is for Non Commercial use only, but you can contact me via email on my profile.
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Description : I don't usually sing to Autotune but here I am
Sang this to a Fantastic Dancehall Instrumental by Paul Hauss called Gimme Love
Check out the sample track on my trax page
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Description : Credit Frank Zozky - She Loves Me So feat Curtisay (Your Name Remix)
For commercial use contact me on Soundcloud if approved will do 50/50
23rd Jun 2024 08:45 - 3 weeks ago
Description : If you liked the music, you can use it, then show me your work. credit me in your music.
6th Jul 2020 22:22 - 4 years ago
Description : no temp or bpm.. sorry. clip I havnt used on one of my songs. I want to see what you peoples can do! please send me your masterpieces!. Soundcloud and youtube upload allowed, just link me too it! anything profit gaining, even if its not a lot, pleases contact me. hope its good for your uses --- SEARZ
14th Jun 2024 14:25 - 1 month ago
Description : Conscious Dancehall Acapella