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Tags : | Trance | 5.94 MB | Featured

Description : this is the first track i have been able to finish in months, do u ever get so critical of yourself that u never get anything done???
TYhe track itself is a melodic trance track with a hard bassline. made in fl studio.
hope u enjoy.

Tags : | Trance | 5.00 MB

Description : my first track. It's a cross between house and trance and you may recognise a riff taken from and old school tune called rave in the jungle. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. cheers

Tags : | Trance | 6.79 MB

Description : I was lacking a bit of inspiration to make any new samples so i had a flick through some of the ones i had made earlier and put this together. 12" pumpin remix.
You may recognise a sample taken from night of the living dead. Your thoughts would be recieved with fat open arms...cheers

Tags : | Trance | 5.37 MB

Description : This is really three tracks mashed together but i think the final product has come together quite nicely.
the track itself is a hard hitting trance bomb that borders on progressive. Any comments would be truly appreciated. cheers

Tags : | Trance | 6.93 MB

Description : this is the only track i have made that i have been entirely happy with so far. i used all original samples made in fl 7 and then put together and mastered on acid. i put quite a bit of effort in to making it and i think it's probably my best work. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. cheers

Tags : | Trance | 5.29 MB

Description : have you ever being making a track and stumbled upon something you've heard before?
This track is a remix of one of my all time favourite tunes 'lost in love' by legend B mixed with my own twist. all loops were made on fl 7 using various vsti's then mastered with sony acid.
I am chuffed to bits with how this turned out. let me know if you like it. Over and out...TheHandThatRocksTheDecks.

Tags : | Trance | 4.93 MB

Description : Not sure whether or not i should had uploaded this or not as i am a little ashamed but proud of this at the same time.
This is a remix of viva forever by the spice girls done in my own style. i cheated a little as i used midi to get the notes but then i changed the instruments.
please note there is no vocal or anything spice girl here at all. tell me if you think i should be shot for this because i am not sure!

Tags : | Trance | 5.08 MB

Description : i still think this needs work. i love my main melody in this but it feels like something is missing. I would love to here any ideas on how to make it better. cheers

Tags : | Trance | 4.82 MB

Description : Chuffed with the way this one has turned out. i tried to make a progressive trance track but it sort of ends up in electro house territory with a big room trance feel. as always your thoughts are greatly appreciated...cheers

Tags : | Trance | 4.43 MB

Description : the outro and intro of this track is based around what i percieve to be the sound of an electric rhino. the center represents the rhino having a little sleep under the stars.
This probably sounds weird but check it out and as always, your thoughts are appreciated.

Tags : | Trance | 5.35 MB

Description : another remix. this time it's of another of my all time favorite tunes. flaming june by BT. I think it feels a little flat but i am not sure if i am being a little critical due to my love for the original. any thoughts are welcomed with a warm velvet flask of trust.

Tags : | Trance | 5.86 MB

Description : took a bit of time and effort on this. going for quality not quantity.
I am trying to step my productions up a notch in terms of quality and trying to mould them to my signature style. all samples except the vocal and a few percussions are of my own creation. let me know what you think. i am pretty pleased with this effort.
made in fl studio demo, then put together on sony acid studio.

Tags : | Trance | 4.83 MB

Description : gameboix got in touch to see if i wanted to do a collab (a first for both of us) and here it is! he provided the melody which was my inspiration. all i have done is added my own incredients. big up to gameboiX1 a really great guy to work with!

Tags : | Trance | 6.52 MB

Description : This is my first solo project in a while. i wanted to make a 12" track for mixing but i didn't really have anything in mind when i made it, i just let it flow. It has turned out as a bit of a hard trancer. the name comes from a vocal sample i have used from signums' 'coming on strong'. I have created all samples here except obviously the vocal and one set of hi hats. all made in fl studio and put together on sony acid. any thoughts or tips are appreciated. i am quite pleased with this effort. it took me ages to make. i have had to upload as poor quality as the file was too large.

Tags : | Trance | 4.81 MB

Description : another collab between myself and gameboiX. had a few probs with my email so it isn't quite done yet. But here goes. Once again gameboiX made the melody and i put the rest around it. Not sure if it's what he was expecting as it's turned out as hard trance again. hope you like it.

Tags : | Dance | 3.31 MB

Description : this was made by my fiance it is her first track ever. it is made up from samples. some credit should go to gameboix because a couple of the samples we made on the colab that didnt go as planned. hope you like it coz its proper bangin!

Tags : | Trance | 4.03 MB

Description : imagine being alone, lost in space. there is no hope of returning home and inevitability has set in. as you drift away you discover something never seen by human eyes before...
tried for a bit of originality on this one. i used loops which i made a few weeks ago on fl studio and forgot about.
i am not too happy with the drums as they don't loop too well but for my first attempt at anything like this i am pleased overall.
relax and open your mind...

Tags : | Rap | 2.61 MB

Description : i downloaded this awesome acapella from the talented zach mayberry to have a little fiddle with and came up with this. the backing track i have been working on for a few weeks(meant to be a ambient/classical piece) before i downloaded the acapella but they seem to go together quite well. i am no hip hop producer so the drums are a bit iffy but here goes.. cheers zach your vocals have been great to work with. relax and open your mind.

Tags : | Trance | 4.91 MB | Featured

Description : this is a trance style remix of the track i created earlier using Zach mayberrys vocals, i decided that i would like to make a whole track using the piano melody.
the track itself is based on the idea that one day when we have use all the the earths resources and our home is about to die, a mass escape attempt will be undergone. in this track i have tried to capture the emotions that people maybe feeling.
made using fl studio and sony acid. cheers

Tags : | Trance | 6.33 MB

Description : been having a nightmare over the past couple of weeks with my Pc, but its all sorted now, thankfully. this is a result of going creavtive coldturkey for a week.
the track itself is a hard hitting uplifting/melodic trancer. i wanted to make a track that i could use in a set and here it goes. bear with it cos it's a little long and the compression needs a little work, but I think it is definitely my best work to date.
Made using Fl studio and loads of vsti's.
Any suggestions as always are appreciated.
cheers. Hunter

Tags : | Trance | 3.61 MB

Description : Bored. Just waiting for the calzaghe fight. wasn't really planning on making a full track but it just sort of flowed.
too tired to type now. so just have a listen. you know the crack.

Tags : | Trance | 2.58 MB

Description : ignorance is bliss was the theme behind this one.
another trancer. more massive pads and floaty atmospheres. i am not entirely happy with this, the bass line is cheesy as hell. i have tried a few different types of bassline but i was losing patience so here goes.
have a listen and if you have any ideas just hit me
cheers. Hunter

Tags : | Trance | 5.79 MB

Description : another collaboration with the talented Dj Salkizar. I must say he did most of the hard work in this one and i am chuffed with the results. We have been working on it for about 2 months now and its finally done. If you wanna check out the video go to any thought as always are appreciated especially with the effort we have put into this. cheers
Dj Hunter and Dj salkizar

Tags : | Trance | 6.12 MB | Featured

Description : Some of you may have heard this already on myspace. i think this is the best breakdown i have done so far.
comments as always are appreciated.

Tags : | House | 4.73 MB | Featured

Description : a house/trance remix of the eighties classic 'fade to grey'. made in fl studio using only midi notes with a drum sample from elsewhere. hop you enjoy because i had good fun making this one.

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