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Tags : | Dance | 2.58 MB

Description : Here is a nice dance/hiphop for you all to enjoy. thank you so very much for listening!!!!

Description : I'm back once again to bring you the best sounds compiled together for you loopers to enjoy!!! for those looking for collaborators, I'm submitting this track as a resume. ha-ha well enjoy this track everyone!!! ps. I realize I've been spoiling you all by not requiring you to do anything to download my music, so from now on you must comment!!! good or bad it doesn't matter. I'm just here for you to enjoy some free premium type of beats!!! thanks for your cooperation sincerely EazyBeatz

Description : her's my second to last installment of my three part sequel to my track called "Armageddon" nice to back once agian to looperman. hope you all enjoy.

Description : Here's an older project of which I brought back to life once again :P. As another collaborationist effort I feature fellow looperman (Techseeker) in this composition. "Thank you for your help with your loops" -EazyBeatz :).

Description : special thanks to harvyblunman_ anubis_ andreonate_ darkereine_loonygoon1_Jovica, and for those of you I fail to mention. I'm Truly sorry, but thank you for your help in inspiring me with this instrumental.

Description : Fresh new club banger for you all to enjoy!!!!

Tags : | Pop | 2.29 MB | Colab Request

Description : looperman, I give you my latest in pop/dance type instrumental. Dedicated to my daughter for her swagger which brings joy and laughter to my heart. With this sequel titled ( Ms. Congeniality) comes from one of my older tracks titled ( Little Ms Swagger) . Hope You All Enjoy!!! N Don't forget to comment!!!

Tags : | Dance | 2.81 MB | Colab Request

Description : Just helping the world in changing the direction in dance music through instrumentals on this track! Special thanks to buffalonugaluss for providing me with awesome drum loops , for this project. Much Love- EazyBeatz P.s ANYONE CAN remix this however they like :)

Description : Stepping out of my peaceful comfort zone to give you all a little bit of my darker side :P enjoy!!! Also I don't really know what genre to put this in so I'm just going to put in in the dub step section ,you can figure that out on your own . It has a bit of Dnb/trap-step type of feel.

Tags : | Pop | 2.49 MB | Colab Request

Description : Thank you all who have been so supportive lately. I truly appreciate the love . So in return I give you all a rework of one of my previous tracks. Also this track is a blend of Pop,Dance,and Hip-Hop Much Love - EazyBeatz :) p.s thanks to Prime Loops for providing me with the best loops, hooks and sounds . So that I can bring compositions like this to everyone who enjoys them.

Description : A remix I did for the talented JAweGuy. Even though still feels like a collaboration :P ... I tried my best in keeping the original artist's (JAweGuy) message, n just added a little EazyBeatz flavor Hope I didn't disappoint. Enjoy everyone. :) ( feels like Ambient/Pop)

Tags : | Pop | 3.19 MB | Colab Request

Description : Well here it is!! I asked fellow looperman(Geophase) if he'd let me remix a track of his, and this is what I returned with. Hope I didn't disappoint . Tried to take it just a tad bit further on this remix . Had tons of fun working this one . Wanted to give it a "present day disney type feel or something around that area.... (feels like Walts/dubstep/pop/dnb/dance) ENJOY!!!! :)

Tags : | Pop | 2.49 MB | Colab Request

Description : Just a lil rework of ShortBusMusic's track titled (Proximal Vicinity) hope I did good. Don't know where to put this under so I choose Pop. Though it feels like (Rock/Pop/Ambient) Enjoy!!! P.s This is NOT a submission for the current competition on this track. Just having a little fun here thats all. :)

Description : I humbly present an edit I've done titled, Sunset In Santorini Island By( CHRISTK). Combining Chill/Pop/Dance/Ambient/. Hope I've done well here ! been giving a lot more passion in my style of instrumental music. Well enjoy everyone ,and take care!! - EazyBeatz :)

Description : Hi there its EazyBeatz again!!! bringing to you another gift you'll enjoy. Super thanks to (Christk) for his generosity allowing me to do this for you all !!! Also another special thanks to fellow looperman (Neezle) for providing awesome top quality (reggae-off-beat-loop).
This track has a blend of Ambient/Reggae/Dance hope you all enjoy!!!! P.s Anyone wanting to jump on this track is welcome to go ahead :) Peace N Love - EazyBeatz

Description : This is an edit I've done for a fellow producer named(Snowflakes91) hope you all enjoy!!-Much Love-EazyBeatz :)

Description : Just added that EazyBeatz flavor for the very talented (PeteJontebar) on his track (which is titled above!!) :P Hope I did not disappoint ! Enjoy Everyone . Much Love EazyBeatz.

Tags : | Dance | 5.03 MB | Colab Request

Description : Hello there everyone!!! Today I bring you "Off To Pandora" with the help of two incredibly talented fellow looperman, MrFunktastic (housethattrance6) loops + Goguler(epicroomkicks) I was able to create this beautiful Gem. Thank you both so much :)
This is my imagination of what it would be like if humans were to leave to live off in another planet, but in this story EVERYONE gets to go! :) Enjoy! P.s This track has a bit of ... Trance/Hip-Hop/Chill/Dance

Tags : | Trap | 3.30 MB | Colab Request

Description : Here's a track I decided to re-do all over again. Now more appropriately named after the movie. Based on the audio sample I used.
Also would like to thank fellow looperman(Massive Trackz) for his awesome loops which helped me tons!!! Enjoy Everyone :) -EazyBeatz P.s No Copyright intended here just in the name of fun thats all. :)

Description : Here is an edit of a track I've been inspired by. Composed by renowned composer A. R. Rahman ft.Solange Merdinian, and a little of EazyBeatz flavor. A highly emotional product emerges! Enjoy everyone!! -EazyBeatz :)

Description : As a gift for this incredibly talented looperman (Minor2Go) I present this gem . Thank you for sharing with us through out all these years. This is my thanks :) -EazyBeatz


Description : As a Collaborationist effort. Through ears of(EazyBeatz + JAwGuy). We Bring this new gem for you all to enjoy. Get Your Free Dl. Now!!!! :) -EazyBeatz ;)

Description : (Updated)

Here's an EazyBeatz latest! Hope you all enjoy. Couldn't have done this without these two fellow loopermen,(Christen) for his "playground bells" loop, also (Dextdee) for his "the-coming-choir" loop, and most importantly I would also like to give thanks to master philosopher Alan Watts for his Inspirational message behind this track. Thank you all for listening enjoy! :) -EazyBeatz

Tags : | Pop | 4.17 MB | Colab Request

Description : Hey guys EazyBeatz is back!!, been having a few technical issues, but don't worry can't nothing stop me! Here's my latest featuring fellow looperman(EpicRecord) on the mic. + guitar , and as for myself, on drums and everything else.+ did a few equalization enhancements . Hope you all enjoy! Hopefully this track will help you connect closer to your loved ones! Enjoy- EazyBeatz :) .
Ps. Track has a bit of Pop/Rock/Dance/Hip-Hop (Also stay tuned for a new original by me maybe ready in these next few days!!!! ;)

Description : :UPDATED: Took out some sounds made it more comfortable for everyones ears enjoy :)

Hello everyone Im back once again just as promised with something new and fresh. Hopefully you all will enjoy this one. Tons of emotion went into this one. Please comment , don't know where I'm at without your input. Thank you all for continuing to listen to EazyBeatz :)
p.s This track has a bit of Future Chill/Dance/Hip-Hop Enjoy!!! :)

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