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Description : A song about discovering myself in a relationship, and where it takes you.

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Description : This song is about all the pain in everyday, and how in the end it's all the same, but everyday is a new game facing new obstacles. It's The New Start. Music by CeeJamesBeat, singing by me.Thanks for listening!

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Description : This song is about all the bad days we have, saying things we do not mean, and never getting the chance to say what we want. This is about making mistakes, and how we wish we could move on from it. Regret is contagious, we all experience it. We make mottos, to live a life without regret, or to succumb a life of regret. In the end, regret is there no matter what. Life was easy when we were children with hardly a problem in sight, and now we make problems for ourselves. Piano is done by me in guitar preset, and singing is done by me. Vocals are a little rough, because i actually was sad when singing it. Enjoy.

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Description : Hallucinations acapella is used in a 60's pop kinda track that I put together. Hope you like my version! (60's pop sounds come from ROQSTAR ENTERTAINMENT free sample DLs!)

Description : Piano is by ozzi acoustic piano. I added extra effects to song and piano towards the end. The singing is by me as well. This song is aimed towards society, the nation, the world, or whatever else just pointing out the bad things. Yes, there are good things! But there are also bad which this song carries out. Thanks!

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Description : A song I made; pretty acoustic and mellow with a small drum beat to bring the song along.

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Description : A song I wrote kind of describing the new age and the changes that have gone on in my life along with everyone around me. A song describing catching up with new world and the worldly changes. Also describes a special person in the mix. Beat by my producer, SwiftBeats. Thanks for listening. (Repetitive Lyrics)

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Description : A sort of Trance tune describing running away from home at a young age. I fit the beat to getting all my feelings of running away into one song. The odd beats and sounds give a haunting feeling to my mind, and the running away how it haunts me. Thanks for listening.

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Description : I understood this beat to be trance in a way, and this song is moving to me because it describes someone I am missing a ton right now. I have been praying every night to my guardian angel to guide me through this and this beat and my thoughts had brought me inspiration to make this song. Enjoy !

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Description : I wasn't sure what to really put this under because it changes a lot. So this song, Melancholy Life, describes my vision of life, being afraid of dying, the bad influences and etc.. In the song I show a little realization showing "Live your life" and boosting the song up a bit towards the middle. The point I'm getting across basically is a sad beginning( a bit depressing...) and sudden boost in the middle, then towards the end I present a sort of rap feel beat with the music box tune kind of describing the end and how it was a long road but there's still a bright future. So as you can see a lot went through my mind with inspiration for this beat. Enjoy !

Description : A song dedicated to someone who just came into my life. Props to the guy who posted these loops! they fit my song perfectly I'd think. I credited him to my song and here it is. enjoy, and I hope you like! Leave reviews and be sure to download! :)

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Description : A beat I made with my producer. This is a trance dance electro beat. enjoy! :)

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Description : A song about having a hard day and then daydreaming about the person I love and how I miss them. So here it is, done with my producer. Hope you like it! thanx.

Description : Variety tune, with different thoughts. Gets my feelings out over a guy.

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Description : Loops by BonesRecordz, singing by me. Used fading in and fading out in this song and will be using it more often. The track is about how far you can get in this world, and how you can stand out even though the world is so big and full of so many people that you are capable of doing it and reaching your dreams. (My dream being singing.) Long Panning Echoes are used to just sing ohhs and conversation sound running into eachother(describing the world in conversation) Just clearing that up. Enjoy!

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Description : Track is re-done, changed up a bit, took critiques to consideration and recreated it a bit, chopped it up, and tried to make it flow better. Hope you like it!

Description : New Track, used SintheticRecords' loops for this track as well as some of my own piano playing at the end and vocals throughout song. The idea created in this song is the feeling of other people's guilt and wrongdoings in the past and how you can see their eyes slowly sink when that point in the past is brought up. A very mutual feeling with a lot of people I'd say, and the thought kind of just spontaneously formed into my thought bubble. Hope you like it! Creds to SintheticRecords, check him out:

Description : A new track done with my producer, and my singing. This song is about how things used to be easier when we were little, and as we grew up we remember all the good times. Hope you like it! :D

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