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Tags : | Acoustic | 4.51 MB

Description : Just drums and voices!

There is not genre for this…If there is – please let me know..!
I wont to thank for wonderful voice loops to MINOR2GO and Psychotropic_Circle, as well to bosonHavoc for incedibile drum loops!
Comments are welcome…

p.s. be patient with this track - this is stuff for everybody

Tags : | Jazz | 7.63 MB

Description : I don't know which genre is this..?
This is mix of rock, jazz, blues and funk loops....
I thank to Slap Johnson for the sax loops as well as to Mark Ratcliffe for the guitar loops...With out them would not be any Jazzy Sounds.....

Find more from Slap:

Find more from Ratty:

Comments are welcome.

p.s. you can also find this one on YouTube under SERGEJ77

Tags : | Funk | 7.57 MB

Description : This one is funky...and I love it...

Thank you for coming...

Tags : | Rock | 6.31 MB

Description : I thank to Josh Boyer for a wonderful voice loops…
To honor him, this song is named Moon Whisper

Thank you for your time...

P.S. take a look and listen on

Tags : | Acoustic | 8.71 MB

Description : To all loopermans,

Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year..!

With this Good Spirit Song, I wish you GOOD SPIRIT YEAR..!

Thank you for coming and thank you Josh Boyer for this grate voice loops..!

p.s genre...???? SPIRITUAL FUNK..ha, ha...

Tags : | Classical | 8.13 MB

Description : CLASSICAL- s h o r t e r version

Tags : | Funk | 6.23 MB

Description : Previous years I smoked and with it went the
obligatory coffee.
One of the best coffee was MOKKA and one
of the best tracks that I may have made is
this one...

I dedicate this track to some grate guys
and grate musicians from looperman...

p.s. the video is also interesting, so
here it is

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.30 MB

Description : This is even for me interesting mix...
Pella- Angela Sheik.

Thank you for coming.

look and listen on

Tags : | Classical | 7.15 MB

Description : CLASSICAL

find more by watching and listening

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.39 MB

Description : new version
acapellas : FutureAnalysis

Tags : | Rock | 5.33 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I recommend you to watch and listen on

Tangled Dream was an instrumental,
you can check it on

This one is version with the vox of one extremely talented guy – DJShemZee,

and I thank you ShemZee, I think you did a great job and it was my pleasure working with you…

I believe this is first but not the last project we are collaborated.

...and yes, I almost forgot, after a long time I wrote some lyrics /in a hurry/, I hope it's not to bad...


Untouched nature of the human hand
is born and dies in my head
and I just follow your rhythm in my arms
And the whole universe is in us
Am I just dreaming ...

It's midnight and we are defending from the stars
And bare hand smells of death
And crowd applauding us
And I only follow your rhythm in my arms
And the whole universe is in us
Is it just a dream ...
tangled dream .. tangled dream ...

I am born and I die a hundred times
On the moonlight
at midnight or dawn maybe
while your naked body wins
All my worlds ...
And I only follow your rhythm in my arms
And I dream – tangled dream ...

Thank you for your time…

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.97 MB

Description : This pella was so good that I put some loops around for a short time...
Here is wonderful pella from Farisha, thank you my dear for that,
you have so amazing talent...I hope I didn’t ruin it’s beauty with those loops around...
And thank you Bear for beautiful piano melody which you called ‘Cool breezes’…
here is more like hot…hehe…
Thank you for your time and all the best in this New year..!

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.77 MB

Description : It's Janis and few guitars...

Thank you for your time...

better to watch and listen:

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.77 MB

Description : some acoustic and el.guitar sounds and ShemZee is reading a poem by Bulgarian poet...

Tags : | Rock | 7.57 MB

Description : instrumental

Tags : | Rock | 6.37 MB | Adult Content

Description : great work by VirginiaSlimm..!

Tags : | Pop | 7.34 MB

Description : Beautiful singing by Austinmusic..!

Tags : | Pop | 8.24 MB

Description : singing Melani Cholie...

piano loops by Eendee..!!!

Tags : | Rock | 8.01 MB

Description : singing: John Kampouropoulos

Tags : | Funk | 8.64 MB

Description : INSTRUMENTAL

Description : ROCK
lyrics&melody&singing: Melani Cholie
instrumental: SERGEJ77
thank you for your time..!

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