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  • From : Conroe, United States
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Description : This is a track I put together for a video I'm working on.

Description : We look into everything. Sound, touch, vision, dreams...
Light and sound are projected in waves. Waves that can be manipulated into a combination of other things. All of this trigger our senses then create a feeling. This track is my rendition of those feelings.

Description : I was a caver for many years while I lived in the Ozark Region of the US. Though I never dove, I did do a lot of underground exploration. I composed this piece as a rendition of what cave diving might be like in a musical sense.

Description : Electronic track with some added guitar. I also used "stutter edit 2" on a few tracks.

Description : I would just call this track fusion. I get into mixing genre's for some reason. It drives me crazy sometimes.

Description : Another idea I had for an instrumental.

Description : An Experimental, Lo-Fi, Dark Ambient, Dub kind of thing.

Description : This is a bit of work I did over the weekend. I stayed in a lot and my wife thought I wasn't going to come up for air on this one.

Description : I think this falls somewhere between Tribal Rock and New Wave.

Description : Relaxing chill track I came up with that reminded me of the days I attempted beekeeping in a neighboring master gardeners yard.

Description : Upbeat piece to get everyone in the mood for summer.

Description : A mix of electronic beats with a bit of dub and club nuances.

Tracks 1 - 12 of 12
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