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ample awesomeness
  • From : London, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Sun 26th Apr 2009, 12 years ago

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Description : Influenced in part by Massive Attack's entire "one drumbeat" tune and a little nod to Pearl Jam's idea on the Vs album, i decided to f**k around with some tom-toms and minor chords. This is the result. Not sure if i love it or not. But the rhythm of the drums makes me want to break into a bank/safe/neighbor's car or something? heh heh - see what u think?

Description : Relaxed little thing i put together.

Description : This emotronic type experimental hip hop thing i put together.

Description : Sexy little track i've thrown together.

Description : I've put this together as a nice little depressing sunday tune. if anyone fancies collabb'ing let me know!

Description : Epic chorus at 1'36" builds up into an aural heartbreak. Av it.

Basically this is a little pop ditty thing ive put together on a bored Sunday.

Tags : | House | 5.88 MB

Description : A sombre kinda house track i knocked up to celebrate acquiring a wicked new synth and Autotune ha ha.

I reckon it could be a good one to seriously bop to in a club.

Let me know what you think!!!!

Tags : | House | 5.98 MB

Description : A nice feel good poppy house tune i knocked together. Please forgive my singing on the main chorus bit. Too many late nights. Too many whiskies.

Tags : | House | 6.46 MB

Description : A tribal, housey banger with a bit of a Matrix'y vibe to it. I listen to it and it makes me either want to go out and kill someone or get in a car chase. And then kill someone. heh heh.

Description : wdgrethsrjsjj

Tracks 1 - 10 of 10
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